Monday, February 8, 2016

February 7, 2016

Change of Plans
February 7, 2016

Ron's changed plans included taking out a couple of trees.
Our usual plans for Sunday mornings are to attend Sunday School and Worship Service at our church.  We did that, as planned.  Then we came home and had lunch.  It was the afternoon plans that didn't pan out.

Our Sunday School class is great.  They are mostly friends we have known for years and years.  Then there are newer friends, and those are just as special.  They honored me Sunday since my birthday is coming soon.  They had a very kind gift and a lovely card.  This group has meant so much to Ron and me over the years. 

Church service was very good.  It was Boy Scout Sunday and it was so nice to see Cubs and Boy Scouts in uniform helping with the service.  The only problem was that our grandsons weren't there as in previous years for Scout Sunday.  We sure miss seeing those grandchildren on Sundays at church.

After church we had a couple of errands to run and then came home and I prepared lunch.  We had spaghetti and it was very delicious.  It often seems that Sundays are the only days Ron and I sit down together for a meal.  I am sure there are other days, but not enough.

Ron didn't say what his plan for the afternoon had been - probably a nap or yard work - but someone at church told him he needed to come by our friend's home to get something for Jeff.  That little chore took at least a couple of hours.  Then a couple of more hours at home.

I had just headed out to work in the yard when I saw he needed help with his chore.  We worked for a couple of hours getting that put away.  While Ron took out a couple of trees, I hauled the limbs and assorted debris to the trash pile.  I did fine until near the end as I was putting away tools and bumped Ron's tree saw and it caught me on the arm and it dug a couple of places on the arm that had taken the brunt of the bougainvillea thorns the previous day.  Oh, well.

The rest of the evening was quiet.  I ended staying up until almost 3:00 a.m. working on a couple of quilts to get to my friend Dolores so she could quilt them this week.  I did talk to our son Bob.  His wife is in east Texas for a while checking on her mother.  Thankfully, Bob and his wife had gotten things moved out of the other house before she needed to make the trip.  I am so thankful for the wireless phone clip for my phone calls.  It still takes practice getting it set up correctly, but once that is done it is so helpful.

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