Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

I Love February!
February 3, 2016

Birthday from one of the quilters

February at our house growing up was the next best thing to Christmas!  My parents' anniversary was February 8 and Daddy always made it special for my mom.  That was followed a few days later by my birthday and the day after that Mom and my sister Debbie share having birthdays on the same day.  Just a couple of days after that is Valentine's Day.  My mom, my sister, and I  perfected the art of celebrating our birthdays for at least a week.  I think I am spreading it out a little more this year!
I don't drink coffee, but a coffee cup filled
 with fabric is a great way to end a day!
Last night at quilting they honored my birthday.  This morning when I arrived at the office, I had a package from my sister Janet for my birthday.  Our son and daughter-in-law in McAllen are hosting Mom and me for a birthday supper the day after Mom's birthday, so I think I am well on the way to making this a 2 week celebration!
 A journal with erasable pens is perfect for me. 
 I make a lot of mistakes when writing.
For a change, I was up before Ron had to wake me this morning and I arrived at the office a little earlier than usual.  Ron's power steering on his car had gone out so I had to follow him to the repair place to get it fixed.  We just closed the office for a few minutes to do that.
 These little items will help organize
the clutter on my sewing table.
Shortly after we got back to the office, one of the quilters came by the office to pick up a quilt I needed to have quilted.  It is a child size quilt I had made years ago, but had never gotten around to quilting.  I love the bright colors and had just the perfect backing for it.  She took the quilt about 10:30 and had it back to be around 2:00!  That is spectacular service!  I still need to do the binding, but it is closer to being done!
 Quilt I just had quilted
This year I am really trying to get some of these projects FINISHED!  I have so many quilts "in progress"!  My goal is to finish at least one a month this year.  It is so nice to have some finished for a change. 
 Back of the quilt
The ladies in the quilt group have a ministry with the quilt work.  They make baby quilts for the pregnancy testing center to give to mothers who select to carry their babies to term and not abort them. They also make quilts for some of the older people in the church or for those suffering from serious illnesses.  In their very limited spare time, they do the quilting on quilts like mine.  The quilt owner makes a contribution to the ministry in exchange for the work, so that they can buy the supplies they need to keep their ministry going.  They meet on Fridays and I am not able to go since it is during the day, but I am thankful that they can help me out with my needs and I can help with their needs with my contributions. 
Fabric on the back of the quilt
This was one of my sleepy days.  Some of my medications really make me sleepy and I napped with my head on my desk for a bit this afternoon.  As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, the nurse practitioner and I are trying to adjust the meds to reduce the problem, but we have not hit on the answer yet.
Quilt labels.  I really need to use these. 
 I have not been keeping up with labeling my quilts.

During the morning I stayed very busy with customers as Ron finished up the big job he had been working on this week.  He worked very late the last two evenings and I know he is exhausted.  He said his hands are sore from all the work on the cylinders.

Late in the afternoon I had to take Ron to pick up his car.  His brother and sister-in-law invited us to join them at his mom's for supper, but I declined thinking I would take my mom to get groceries, but we decided to wait a couple of days. 

I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home and then just fixed a quick supper and went to sleep until about 10:30 and got up to catch up on my blogs and do a few things around the house.  Hoping to get back to sleep soon!


  1. May need to send Dolores a couple of wall quilts......Ill probably never get them quilted! Better yet, if I could just come down and get her to teach me how! Oh, wait, gotta go to Houston next week. Grrrrrrrr!

    1. Tiny, Dolores would love to teach you. She keeps encouraging me to try, but my time is so limited. Looked at the machines at the quilt show, but they take up so much room.