Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 4, 2016

Giving Up Cooking
(Until I Go Grocery Shopping)
February 4, 2016

The Black-bellied Whistling Ducks like the new feeder Stephen
 and his wife gave me for Christmas.  It was not for them!

It is important to go to the grocery store once in a while if you would like to cook meals.  My plan now is to go Friday night.  In the meantime, my refrigerator has not been so empty in recent years.  The pantry is filled with lots of canned goods, but there are few fresh items. 

Before going to the office I took care of the feeders and ponds in the yard and chased away a large flock of the Whistling Ducks!  

On the way to the office I picked up some Mexican pastries for our breakfast.  Then Ron left on a couple of errands and jobs.  When he got back I had prepared a deposit and took it to the bank and then picked up lunch on the way back to the office.  Before I returned to the office I stopped by the church office to drop off a couple of things and to make our reservations for the Winter Texan Banquet at the church.

Speaking of the banquet, I had told the staff last year or the year before that I just could not do the banquet any longer and they are taking care of the plans along with Mr. Corbitt.  The plans sound great.  I am eager to attend and see how it goes.

Back at the office Ron and I shared the chicken pot pie I  had picked up and then both worked in our offices.  I was trying to finish up the reports and Ron was placing an order.  Once he got that done, he had a little time to relax for the first time since Monday.
 This cute little bird watching bird is one of the
 gifts my sister sent to me yesterday.  He is so cute!
Mom called and needed a ride to the doctor's office.  I picked her up and took her and she was seen quickly.  The doctor checked on her various meds and suggested (as mine had earlier in the week for me) adjusting the times some are taken to increase night sleeping instead of day sleeping.  I took her home and returned to the shop to pick up a prescription that I needed to have filled.  It was a slow process.  Slow line at the pharmacy window and slower one at the checkout at the front of the store.

Next I took Mom's prescription to her pharmacy and they said they would have it in a couple of hours.  That was better than mine which won't be there until tomorrow afternoon.  It was almost closing time when I got back to the office.  I put my things away and Ron and I went to his Mom's for supper.  She was not feeling very well but ate a good supper and we all visited for a while. 

I left sooner than Ron so I could go pick up Mom's prescription and deliver it.  I picked up a couple of grocery items, but hope to do most of my shopping tomorrow evening.  Once I got home, I changed clothes and sat down to read for a while.  I am reading two different books: one by Karen Kingsbury and one by Vannetta Chapman.  Batteries in both Kindles were low and I read in one until I had to charge it  and then switched to the other.

It was a good day.  I did OK with the hearing until I got in the exam room with Mom at her doctor's office.  I seemed to be in an echo chamber.  I did not try to get her doctor to use the mini mic.  He talks so much and so fast it is hard to get a word in edgewise.

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