Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 9, 2015

A Great Day Accomplishing Much
December 9, 2015

Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree.
This morning Ron wanted me to be at the office a little earlier than I have been going because he had a job he needed to take care of before I went to a couple of afternoon appointments.  When I arrived at the office there was a salesman there from one of our suppliers.  I gave him a list of several items we needed and while working with him, a customer came in to finalize an order that he had been working on with Ron.  We were both back and forth taking care of the man while the salesman spent over 30 minutes on his phone trying to call in our order to his office.  That is not good advertising if even their salesmen can't get through on the phone lines!

Ron ran an errand and then spent a little more time with the salesman before going out on the job he had promised.  I had several customers while he was gone.  One of the customers is the kind who makes me glad I have my Cochlear implant so I can carry on a conversation.  It turned out that the man had grown up on the same street where I grew up.  I did not remember him since he was a little older, but he was good friends with one of the boys on the block where we lived.  In fact he lived right across the street from our friend.
I set up the nativity scene that Ron bought in Bethlehem
 a few years ago when he traveled to the Holy Land.
We had  a good talk about the wonderful neighborhood filled with good folks, and the feeling of safety that we all had back then.  The thing our parents constantly warned us about was rabid dogs, not kidnappers or terrorists.  Times have changed so much.

It was good to take a walk down memory lane with the man and just before he left he told me that he had given up smoking, that he was taking care of his health, and that he had turned his life over to God.  What a wonderful thing to hear.  I am often amazed how many of my childhood friends have become Christians as adults.  That was just a perfect note for the ending of our conversation.
A couple of the arrangements I worked on tonight.

Ron was not back when I needed to leave for an appointment so I locked up, put the back in 1 hour signs on the doors and headed to San Benito for a sonogram on my thyroid.  At this point, due to some recent changes on the scans, I have to go every 6 months.  If everything stays the same, I will go to yearly checkups.

The lady who did the scan is so quick!  She is a sweet, kind young lady, although soft spoken.  I do have trouble hearing her.  I was out of there in a matter of minutes.  From there I went to Harlingen to have blood work done for the thyroid doctor.  I will see her next week and she should have all of the reports by then.
 Another of the centerpieces I made.
At the lab where I had the blood work done, I again had excellent care and a very friendly technician.  When I got there I was disappointed that the man who is usually there was not there today.  I told this lady that she would have trouble doing as well as he does.  She did great!  Every other time I need blood work, they just cannot find the veins and when they do they have trouble getting the needle to stay in place.  She was in and out almost before I was aware she was drawing the blood.

It was such a treat to have such nice, efficient, friendly medical help today.  I had nice visits with both people and thankfully they were not real busy.  Before coming back to Brownsville, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few items.  Ron's mother needed a couple of things, but I could not find the color she needed. 
I started decorating the miniature Christmas tree, but did not finish it.
Back at the office, I worked on bookkeeping.  I needed to have some quiet time to get it done and I ended up staying an extra 45 minutes past closing time to get most of it done.  Then I went to Mom's house to see how she was doing.  She and I visited for an hour and then I came home.  I had picked up lunch at 3:00 on my way back from Harlingen and was not hungry so I started cleaning house.  I did some vacuuming and put the finishing touches on some of the Christmas decorations.  I stacked all the empty boxes beside the closet where they belong and I hope Ron can get them put up this weekend. 

Working this evening, I was able to get a lot done, but am exhausted.  I still need to do some mopping, and a lot of other things, but at least I got some of it done.  I worked on some centerpieces that I had used at Stephen and Kristina's wedding rehearsal dinner, changing the flowers from the fall ones I had used to Christmas ornaments and greenery.  I am pleased with the look and I was able to get 6 of them made. 


  1. My sympathy on the blood draw....have to have 2 a month now plus the two infusions. My veins are beginning to act like submarines! Love your decorations. The kids got my box out and I can at least have the Santa collection out. Have my tree up---the wall hanging I made last year!

    1. Glad some of your decorations can be out. Love the tree and am impressed you finished it. I continue to be slow to finish projects.
      The blood draw was not painful, but bruise is sure ugly. But the people at this particular lab are good about getting it on the first try.