Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 1, 2015

Early Day at the Office
December 1, 2015

Monday and Tuesday were gray drippy, drizzly days.  That is not what had been predicted.  It was chilly and the drizzle was so light that it did not show up on weather radar photos that I saw.  Ron had an early morning doctor's appointment, so I had to open the office.  I got a lot done early in the office, since it was mostly quiet.  Being the first of the month, I had plenty to do.

I worked on the invoices and receipts from the month, finishing my posting and balancing the books.  Things went quickly and I got it all done before Ron got to the office and I think I had the statements for our customers printed by noon.  Ron checked them and I had them ready for the mailman.

During the afternoon I worked on our Christmas letter.  I now have the letter written and just need to design the arrangement of photos for the front.  We have had such an amazing year that I am just overflowing with joy and thankfulness for all of God's blessings.

Ron had some errands to run in the afternoon and I prepared a bank deposit which I took when I left the office.  I also stopped to pay a couple of utility bills and got home about 4:45 to get ready for quilting group. 

Three ladies joined me to spend a couple of hours working on our quilt projects.  We each have a lot going on in our lives right now and it was good to get to relax with these friends.  We honored one of the group for her birthday later this month. 

After the group left, Ron and I got all the Christmas decorations down from the shelves to have them ready for the grandchildren the following morning.  He had me take photos of how they were on the shelves so he cold put them back in the same place when the Christmas season is over.

Late in the evening, I talked to our son and daughter-in-law in Albuquerque.  Our son is fighting this terrible cold that is going around this season. 

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