Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

Magnificently Beautiful Day
December 3, 2015

Miniature rose bud
What an amazing day!  God outdid Himself!  Ron let me sleep late and I am almost sorry because it caused me to miss a couple of hours of a gorgeous Fall day.  The sky was a vivid blue, the breeze was crisp and the humidity was 65% instead of the usual 95%.  I rolled the window in the car down to enjoy the day before I went into my windowless office at the shop.

A flock of the Green Parakeets were flying over as I drove to work, chattering away.  They are noisy birds.  Later in the day I spotted two flocks of the Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks and they were making their loud noises.  It was good to be able to hear them and enjoy their beauty.

At the office, I worked on balancing my personal checkbook and paying a couple of shop bills.  Then I went to Sears to pay the Discover bill.  While there I picked up a couple of items and waited way too long in a short line to be helped.  On the way back to the office, I picked up lunch for Ron and me.  I had a funny conversation with the manager at Burger King, where I had stopped to pick up our lunch, when he asked if I was a school teacher. 
Butterfly see pods on the Butterfly vine
Back at the office, Ron and I had our lunch and chatted.  He ran some errands and I had several customers while he was gone.  I worked up a bank deposit and when he returned, I took it to the bank. 

About 4:30 I headed home and spent about 30 minutes working in the backyard, trimming some shrubs and a palm tree.  They were blocking my views.  My flower bed with the rose bushes is doing well and so is the one with the ferns.  I wished I had been able to spend the entire day working in the yard - the weather was perfect for that.

When Ron got to the house, we went to meet our friends for supper.  We went the Mexican food place we have been going to lately.  The food was pretty good - a little spicier than I like, but after I ate half of mine, Ron finished it for me.  It was just right for him.  They were working on a portion of the floor while we were there and it was very noisy.  The noise was loud enough that my Cochlear sound processor would take the sound way down, keeping the loud noise from damaging my hearing, but also cutting down the conversation sounds.  They finally finished and it got better.
Pink miniature rose bud. 
This afternoon I did find out why the machine noises have been so loud lately with my Cochlear Implant. The audiologist had left it on a different setting than I normally use.  I switched the setting but can't find one of the control features that has always been there.  I will send the audiologist an email and ask her about it.  She had updated the programs but the missing one is one I use a lot and would miss if they have removed it. 

After supper, I came home and spent a little time trying to put away some of the storage boxes that had the Christmas things in them.  I still have work to do on that but have been making progress.  At supper my friend reminded me that she wanted to borrow a couple of patterns I have for doll clothes.  I looked for a long time before I found them, but in the meantime I found a couple of other things I needed to locate and cleaned out the sewing room cabinets.  They are a little better organized at this time!

As I have mentioned, I love the Christmas movies, but I also love some books I have recently downloaded and it is always a toss up which I will do: read a book or watch a movie.  The reading usually wins out. 
Flower bed with newly planted fern.  It is doing well.

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