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December 6, 2015

Carols of Joy
December 6, 2015

Today was the day for our church Christmas musical.  It was many of the old familiar carols and seemed to be very well received.  I loved it.  In the bulletin, there was a printed list of various carols and the congregations could select from that list.  The choir was prepared to do any of the songs, but did not know which ones would be used until the congregation selected them.  Some had skits to go along with them, or narrations about the origin of the songs.  Some were just the choir and many included congregational singing.

The fist one chosen was O Holy Night and it was a violin solo by one of the young women in the church, Renata.  She did a wonderful job and it was lovely. 

Following the service, we had our class Sunday School party and it is a time of filling bags with goodies for about 300 children who have very little in Mexico.  All year long our class collects money for this project as well as several others projects.

Many hands make light work.  That is so true.  It only took about 45 minutes to fill the 300 bags with assorted toys, crayons, candy and apples.
There is a lady in our class who along with her husband spent many years working in Mexico on various mission projects.  He passed away a couple of years ago and she continues to work in the city just across the border from our town, going into some of the poorest neighborhoods to share the gospel and encourage believers, helping with their basic needs.

 We all always enjoy working together on this project. 

Ron and I came home and after a light lunch we both slept away the afternoon.  My evening was spent doing laundry, loading the dishwasher, reading, and catching up on writing blogs. 

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