Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2, 2015

An Excellent Decorating Crew
December 2, 2015

The completed tree
This morning I was up early to get ready for the grandchildren to arrive at 8:30.  I had my breakfast, baked cupcakes, started "fluffing" out the bows I use on the Christmas tree.  They arrived on time, a little sleepy from getting up so early.
Just getting started
The two oldest children did not come, but the five little ones did and they were eager to get started on the tree decorating.  They got to work right away, going layer by layer through the boxes and doing an amazing job.
A perfectionist at work
In about 1 1/2 hours, they had the majority of the work on the tree done, so we adjourned to the kitchen where I frosted the cupcakes and one by one, they decorated theirs and went to the table which had been set by the two oldest girls.  We all enjoyed our cupcakes and eventually returned to the tree to do a few more ornaments.  I still have lots of ornaments but the tree is past loaded, so they stopped.
The youngest of the group seems to have candy cane antlers
The older of the two little boys wanted me to get out the village and so I finally got it out and he and the two older girls set it up.  I still need to work out the lighting, but they again did a great job.

The Christmas Village

While they were working on the village, their mom arrived and she stayed and visited while they continued working.  Especially the younger children wanted not only for their mom to see the tree but to see which decorations they had added.
The middle child with candy cane earrings
Once they left, I gathered my lunch and went to the office where it was a quiet day.  Ron had some good sales before I arrived, but the afternoon was quiet.  I ended up with my head on my desk and an hour of napping.  I was tired.
My decorating crew
It was a very good, productive day.  Once I got to the house, after a stop for milk, I worked on the tree a while looking to see that breakable ornaments were securely hung.  Ron had gone on a job before coming home.  He needed to help secure a place after they had a break-in.  We ate leftovers for supper and he spent the rest of the evening reading.

Yummy cupcake

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