Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 10 & 11, 2015

More Days are Flying Past
December 10 & 11, 2015

The little church from the village I built many years ago.
Thursday I went to the office a little early and spent the day on paper work.  I finished the reports for the accountant and worked on balancing the checkbook but had problems again with the credit card company.  It took me a while to get it to where I thought the accountant could understand what had happened on the reports.  I seriously had a bad headache by the time I finished. 

The evening was spent with our friends at supper and it was a relaxing time that we both needed.  I was glad to just sit and visit and be waited on.  At home I again fell asleep quickly. 
Friday I had an early morning appointment at my General Practitioner's office.  The nurse practitioner I normally see was out and they said she had been out for a while.  I hope she will be back soon.  They seemed to be busy and a male nurse practitioner saw me.  He and I agreed to increase one medication and that I would see him again in about 3 weeks to see how that is going. 

The nurse practitioner had a good strong voice and I only had to have him repeat a couple of times and that was due to not understanding what the question actually was.  But the nurse doing the blood pressure, etc. was a young man who is very soft spoken.  He is attending a training school here locally and the first time I saw him I just could not understand him.  He was better this time, but I noticed he was asking some questions that I was not expecting and that those were the ones I had to have him repeat.  He was asking questions about depression and for example he asked if family members noticed and commented about the depression.  I don't recall being asked that before and so I could not play "fill in the blank" for the words I did not catch.  If he had asked if I was having trouble sleeping I would have been expecting that question so I would have probably figured out what he was saying.  He did ask about loss of appetite.  How can they ask that with a straight face when I am not losing weight? 
Family home (with Lego man on porch)
When I left there I stopped at one store for a few little items and then at an office supply store for envelopes for our Christmas cards.  From there I went to Michael's and picked up a few things.  It is amazing to me that Christmas items are already 50% and 60% off and that there are few to select from. 

Before going to the office, I picked up lunch for us and as always, I have trouble hearing the clerks behind the counter in fast food places.  Usually they are young and soft spoken and talk fast.  They usually ask my name so they can call me when the order is ready.  I normally have to have them repeat that question and I tell them that I doubt that I will hear my name being called since I could not hear their question.  They normally laugh, but it makes them remember me and they usually bring the food to me.
School house
Back at the office, I got the reports in the mail to the accountant and emailed them to him so he can send me figures I will need to pay the state sales tax.  I did other paper work and then did some cleaning in my office.

At home I have a little Christmas village that I built many years ago.  I have two additional structures to be built and have worked on one off and on this week.  I have been painting the band stand for the park and am about ready to put the shingles on the roof.  I had hoped to finish it this week, but there was just too much office work to be done.
 Fire house
I had an appointment in Harlingen with one of my doctors at 4:30.  I drove up there and the wind was really blowing hard.  I had to watch traffic to be sure they weren't drifting out of their lanes due to the winds.  When I finished there it was past time to be closed at the office.  We had made plans with Mom to have supper at her house so that we could help decorate her deck out in front of the house.  Ron, Jim (my brother-in-law) and I got the deck done and some lighted snowflakes hung on her windows.  It looks so nice.

Then as too often happens, a few minutes after we had put garland and lights around the deck railing, one section of the lights went out on one side of the deck.  How in the world?!  Jim was hoping to take care of that today in the daylight, since we were decorating in the dark.
Gift shop
At home I again went to sleep quickly.  I told Ron to just let me sleep Saturday morning.


  1. The village is so sweet! You have done a great job building it, and the setting
    is lovely. Especially like the little house "down the hill". Thanks for brightening
    my entry for the holidays.

    1. It was fun to decorate. Did Jim get the lights working?