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December 13, 2015

Wonderful Sunday
From Start to Finish
December 15, 2015

Watching a video of the Christmas parade we had attended
I am late again in posting, but that is happening a lot lately.  Sunday was a fantastic day!  I was up early and got things done in the kitchen before Ron got up.  I had his coffee made and breakfast done.  We were a little early to Sunday School and our class was more than full!  We had all but 3 members present.  Two of those had a family member in the hospital and the other is away visiting family.  Then we had 5 visitors - a very full house. The lesson was great, the people participated well and we got out on time for church without me making hand signals to Ron.
Playing with the Beanie Babies and doll beds

Church was very good and the added bonus was having most of our son's family there.  In fact, all but our son had come.  He had to help out that morning on a responsibility related to his job; he was able to join us for lunch, but missed church.  The sermon was very good and again the pastor asked for testimonies.  I love that.  There was a baptism of a young lady in our church - it was a great Christmas season service.
The blocks belonged to Ron when he was growing up.
On our way home, we picked up chicken for lunch and everyone pitched in to get the tables ready and the food and tables were ready about the same time.  What fun it was to all be together again on Sunday.  My mom and my brother-in-law Jim joined us.  The grandchildren found things to occupy their time while their parents left to take a tour of some homes decorated in special ways for Christmas.  They were gone the rest of the afternoon. 
 Christmas lights on the porch
The younger grand kids and I got 2 batches of cookies baked, while Ron and the two older boys put up lights on the outside of the house. 
 Christmas lights down one side of the house 
They were hoping to get away with only putting lights on the porch but I encouraged them to go further.  I bribed them with Chocolate Chip Cookies!  While they were working on the last section, a friend came by and helped with the last little bit.  He really was speedy at the job. 
This sweetie can usually be found at the sewing machine

By the time the lights were finished, I had the chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven.  The children had such a good time and so did we.  We sure miss them since they are about 80 miles away, but maybe it makes the visits sweeter.
A fun impromptu supper 
When Jeff and Barb got back we decided to fix grilled cheese sandwiches for supper and visit for a while longer.  It was a wonderful day.  As always, the children cleaned up their toys before they left.  Someone had been assigned to clean up the toys in the sewing room.  Soon the youngest came out crying.  The cleaner had put up her toys first and then the ones the cleaner was playing with. 
A round tower made from the blocks
I let the crying youngster play with the new stuffed gingerbread girl I had bought the day before and she quickly cuddled it and played with it.  She asked if she could take it home and I told her that was fine but to bring it back the next time they came for a visit. (A side note: The next evening her dad told me I might have trouble getting it back, but I had told Ron after they left that I had the youngest in mind when I bought it so I did not care if it returned to our house.)
Ron holding the youngest as she cuddles the gingerbread girl
They left just before 9:00 and we were tired but very happy.  It had been a great day!
Doesn't she look ready to become a Santa's Elf?
Note the candy canes on her pants.

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