Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20, 2015

Quick Granddaughter Time
December 20, 2015

A fun Christmas ornament
This morning as I was getting ready for church I checked my phone for messages and there was one from our daughter-in-law in McAllen saying her girls would be at our church this morning because they had spent the night with friends from our church.  What a treat to see them for that hour of church.
 This elf has been in my family since my childhood -
 probably almost 60 years.

First, during Sunday School class time, we had a great bunch including some visitors.  One couple who have spent many winters attending our church came for a quick visit.  They had not been able to come for the winter last year, but they had come to Texas for Christmas to visit family and decided they just had to come for a visit when they were so close.  It was good to see them both looking so great.
A gift from Bob & Vickey
Our pastor was out today and our church school superintendent preached a very good sermon.  It was a good service, made better by our granddaughters sitting with me.
 Wonderful Counselor - part of this morning's sermon
After church, Ron and I picked up lunch and had a good chat while we ate.  After we cleared the dishes, he left to go to his mom's to take care of some things.  While he was gone I worked on wrapping Christmas gifts and made some good progress but it took most of the afternoon.  I am now caught up with wrapping with only a couple of small exceptions.
 Jesus is the reason for Christmas
The church is planning to have the sound system worked on soon.  I hope so.  It was hard even with the cable to my little radio, to hear some of the service.
 This is the ornament the choir gave out this year at their Christmas Concert
This was a good day.   I look forward to a great week ahead!