Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

An Uneventful Day - That is Not All Bad!
August 6, 2014

When we are growing up, we often think of an uneventful day as BORING!  As an adult, we are more likely to think of an uneventful day as a blessing - sort of a "no news is good news" attitude.  So often it seems in the last few years, our days have held assorted unexpected events.  I think we will just enjoy the uneventful days.

I slept a little late.  I did some computer work before going to the office and once there continued with assorted chores on my computer at the office.  I had promised to send some photos from the class reunion to some classmates and that took a while.  I still need to send a few to one lady.  I paid some bills. 

Our office is closed on all Saturdays and we were closed this past Monday so I had no mail for those two days.  Then the mailman didn't show up yesterday and today he didn't come until just before closing time.  That is rather frustrating.  Tomorrow morning I will need to do a bank deposit that I should have been able to do today. 

Ron was out on jobs much of the day.  As often happens two customers asked about my Cochlear Implant.  One comes in rarely but had come in while I was deaf after my Sudden Hearing Loss.  The other one comes in about once a month and usually talks to Ron, but if he talks to me he always has questions about the implant.  He probably will need one before too long. 

The afternoon was slow so I cut out pieces for a quilt square, but did not get it put together.  I have put together the one I was working on last week and this is the same pattern, but different colors.  Still don't know what I will do with the squares, but I am having fun with them. The next square is in blues and greens.

Last Friday, Ron picked up my most recent shirt that Paper Jay printed for me.  I wore it to work yesterday and enjoyed wearing it. 
After work I spent time working in the yard, but there is so much to do.  My new flower bed is not looking good.  I do not know what the problem is but I am frustrated.  It could be the oppressive heat, but I am just not sure.  None of the hanging plants are doing as well as last year.  My husband took care of them for me last year.  I think I need to hire him back.

Yesterday I spent time going through all the things I have received from Cochlear.  There are so many batteries, sound processors, remotes, chargers, coils, cables, and on and on, that I needed to get it all organized.  The Audiologist reminded me that I should be rotating the rechargeable batteries.  I had been doing so, but there were a couple I had not opened and she said I needed to open them and get them into the cycle of rotations.  All of that got sorted and repackaged so that all usable parts are in the original suitcase I had been given right after surgery, instead of being scattered among the three storage units I have received over the months.  Now it is all well stored and labeled.

This evening, I have just relaxed and spent the evening reading.  This is a book I am reading is in a series that I read a few years ago and is probably the last one in the series, and I had not gotten to it.  As with the others, I am enjoying it.  It is the kind of book you hate to put down but you also hate to come to the end knowing there is no more of the series to be read.

Last week my dentist had started work on a new crown for a tooth.  The temporary crown is causing a lot of pain.  I think it is the area around it that is painful, but it is really bothering me.  I guess I will try to see if they can look at it tomorrow.  I still have a week a half until the crown is to be ready.  Not good, although I know this needs to heal first.  Bummer.  Problem may have just solved itself.  A piece of the tooth just worked its way to the surface and it feels better already.  Maybe by morning I will be on the road to recovery!

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