Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5, 2014

Always Something Different Going On!
August 5, 2014

A couple of days ago in an email to our youngest son, I said that I find myself going from "event to event" and missing out on "life" in between.  Maybe that was an over statement, but this has been a busy summer.  For many of our friends, there were long, fantastic vacations.  We didn't travel far this summer, and we weren't gone long at any one time, but it seems that every time one event was finished, it is just a short time until the next one.

Let's start in May, with Mother's Day.  The family came here for lunch.  In May, there was a middle of the night work event at the church preparing breakfast for over 900.  A few days later Ron and I made a quick trip to Houston for an appointment with my audiologist on the Cochlear Implant.  Then we returned home for one day before leaving for Dallas where our son Stephen received his Master Degree.  We were there for a few days to attend the ceremony and to host a graduation party.  Part of the family was able to be with us for those events.  There had been a lot of planning prior to that event for decorations, invitations, and menu for the party, as well as travel plans. 

Ron and I had been having assorted medical tests run as a part of our physicals.  I was still having a couple of appointments of follow-ups from mine.  There were evening baseball games with our two youngest grandsons playing.  Memorial Day was a workday at the mission dorms that our church owns, where I painted some benches and did a little inside painting in one of the dorms.  We kept 5 of the grandchildren at the end of May.

Then came June.  We started June with the 5 youngest grandchildren for the weekend.  Then it was time for our 49th wedding anniversary, followed a couple of days later with another quick trip to Houston to see the Audiologist.  Ron and I both did a lot of yard work in early June before it got too hot.  I did sewing and made baby blankets and one baby quilt top which I still have not put together with the backing and batting.  Then there was a Saturday fish fry for the church and Father's Day was another time I had all the family over for lunch.  There were a couple of trips to my Thyroid doctor for tests and results and a trip to my gynecologist for an annual check up.  I dug that new flower bed in the backyard and started another quilt.  My sister and her husband came for a few days and she wanted me to help her start a quilt.  Then my granddaughters each started quilts.  We kept the sewing machines going all month it seems.

July 4th we were at a family event with our daughter-in-law's family.  There was more yard work to be done at home.  Our daughter-in-law was out of town twice in July to be with her dad in Kansas who is in poor health.  Each time, I spent several evenings and a few nights at their home caring for the children.  Vacation Bible School at the church meant our class had a meal to prepare and serve for the workers and I was in charge of that this year.  I was making gifts for the bridal shower we gave for our son and his fiance when the family gathered in mid-July as well as making pillow shams to match the quilt I made for him for graduation.  There was lots of baking to do in advance of that trip to the Family Gathering.  We made the 4 day trip to the Austin area to be with all the family.  The next weekend I helped give a baby shower for friends.  I had dental work started that will be completed in the next few weeks. August has started with my class reunion and another trip to Houston to see the Audiologist.

Each of these events took planning, time, and most (not the dentist) were fun events with the people we love the most.  But each also was a unique and different setting in which I had to try to find the best way to cope with my Cochlear Implant.  Some were not too hard to adjust to, but several were a real challenge and not always successful.  I guess if all my days were the same, I would get used to what I need to do in able to hear well in my settings, but I think these last three months have presented the most diverse challenges I have faced with the Cochlear Implant. 

For each event, I am immensely thankful that I can hear.  Each would have been nearly impossible to deal with if I was totally deaf.  I just have to keep trying and keep adjusting.  The audiologist yesterday encouraged me to change programs more often until I find the best for each setting.  Easier said than done sometimes.  When I am in sterile gloves helping to prepare 900 burritos for breakfast, I can't be changing settings on the sound processor.  I was having enough trouble with trying to keep it on in the oppressive heat and trying to not knock it off with the cap I was wearing.

I will continue to practice, but it may be a while before I feel I have learned how best to work with  various settings.  Stay tuned and I will keep letting you know how it is working!  Wish me luck!  I want to hear all these wonderful, precious people in my life!!

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