Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014

A Nice Busy Day
August 19, 2014

Today was busy compared to yesterday.  I didn't get to my office before I went to my appointment at the dentist's office.  I thought I had cracked a tooth, but the dentist says he thinks it is not cracked and will be alright in a few more days.  There was still swelling for the previous work and maybe a little piece of the glue that holds the new crown in place was aggravating the gum.  He had a few suggestions.  I am beginning to feel like I need an extra hour in my day for all the little things that need medical attention.  There is a scrub for my eyelids due to a condition that has flared up a couple of times, a facial scrub for a skin condition on my face (that brought on the eye condition), and on and on.  So many things that weren't needed a year or two ago now need to be a part of my daily routine.  Ron and I used to joke that we could be out the door 15 minutes after we woke up.  Not any more!

When I did get to the office, Ron took my car to the repair place to have the muffler replaced.  Did I mention that as I took my mom home Sunday evening, the car started sounding like a loud motorcycle?   Tomorrow it gets some new tires.  All these trips upstate have taken a toll on my poor 21 year old car.  But, it runs fine and we just keep taking care of it.  I hope to have it several more years.

Ron seemed to have a steady stream of customers who needed to talk to him about special items, so I did not help a lot with customers except during times that he was out of the office which was not too often today.  I spent time paying bills in the morning and then after lunch, I started to work again on my scrap quilt squares.  This time I was working on the smaller blocks in the same style as the ones in yesterday's blog.  I now have 9 of the smaller ones finished.

In the late afternoon, Ron went to get my car and I was swamped with customers.  We laugh about how the customers seem to know when one of us leaves!  When he got back I was still working on three of the customers.  After we closed, I took him to get his car which he had left when he picked up mine.

One of the challenges that my hearing creates is noises in my car.  If I hear a new noise (maybe an engine problem) I can't trust what I think I am hearing since many sounds don't sound the way I remember them.  I remind Ron to drive my car every week or so in case there is a noise I am not hearing or one I am hearing but don't realize is serious.  Tonight I told him he needs to drive my car tomorrow because I still hear a noise that sounds a lot like the muffler noise.

Maybe I have not mentioned this in a long time, but besides the music I hear in my head, I also hear noises that aren't there.  (I AM NOT CRAZY!)  My brain supplies sounds it expects to hear in certain places and situations.  When I think my husband may be taking a bath, as I walk toward the bathroom, I hear the water running.  90% of the time, it is not running.  When I go into the garage, I often hear the washer and dryer going when they are not on.  So it is possible the noise I heard on the way home really isn't even there, my brain just expected to hear it when I was driving home.  My life is interesting to say the least.

Once I got home this evening, I spent about 30 minutes working in the yard.  Most of that time was watering plants and that grass I transplanted Sunday afternoon.  I filled the ponds and birdbaths, as well as filling the bird feeders.  It has been brutally hot here for the last week or so and the plants in the yard are struggling.  Things are drying out so quickly.
This is the Green Jay that I saw Sunday and he was back today.  I know it is the same one because his colors are not quite the usual.  The blue on his head is duller than most. 
 I hope it is just because he is young.

While I was in the yard, that young Green Jay I had photographed this weekend showed up and went to the smallest fountain in the yard and hopped around on it trying to figure out how best to get a drink.  As I said, this is a juvenile bird and not the brightest one I have seen.  I never see his parents with him.  Anyway, he saw me but continued to hop around on the fountain and then on the ground to look for food.  I was only about 5 feet away from him.  My camera was in the house since I was working.  Sure could have gotten some great photos if it had been with me!  It was a treat to stand there and watch him.

After supper, I started on another style of scrap quilt blocks.  I have some leftover fabrics from some baby quilts I made a couple of years ago - Dr. Seuss (Cat in the Hat, etc.) prints and Peanuts prints (Charlie Brown).  I really love the prints and hate to waste any of the leftover fabrics, so I am playing with those scraps.  The quilt may end up having a wider variety of fabrics in it. 


  1. That is so interesting that your brain supplies sounds that it expects but are not there. Never thought of that. I think I hear Deacon crying when he is napping here at the house because I'm afraid that he is. And I don't even have an implant. Oh, and I believe you, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Karen. It is always nice to know someone else doesn't think I am crazy! The brain is an amazing thing! The two situations I mentioned are the main ones - the bath water running and the washer and dryer. It happens a little in other places, but not too much. I prefer to not keep just one grandchild. I want another one here to help, to be sure I hear the noises I need to hear.