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August 2, 2014

Blank Stares
August 2, 2014
Today was filled with many activities for my 50th high school reunion!  Really filled!  It was a very nice day, spent with lots of folks, having lots of fun.  The operative word there is LOTS.  It is great that there was a good turn out for the reunion and it is great that so many were seeing old friends for the first time in MANY years!  Add those things together and you get a lot of fast talking friends.  If they weren't talking to me, they became "background noise" that was just a little too much for me to handle with the Cochlear Implant.  If they were talking to me, they were being drown out by the rest of the people in attendance at the various events of the day.

Don't misunderstand.  I had a good time and visited with several special friends and met spouses of some that I had not previously met.  There was a lot of time for chatting with friends, but everyone took advantage of those times, creating for me, a low rumble of "noise" throughout the rooms.

The most difficult hearing situation was at the old high school this morning as we were allowed to tour the newly refurbished building.  The auditorium is beautiful.  The original wooden theater style seats and the wood floors have been sanded and varnished to a beautiful shine!
The room is outstanding.  Across the hall is a Museum.  It is wonderfully maintained with a wide variety of displays.  The lady in charge changes the displays to appeal to groups that come for special events.  In our case, there were many memorable items from the Class of 1964.
She has done an excellent job in a small space.  Again there is an operative word there: SMALL.  There were at least 30 classmates crowded into that room, looking at all the displays and pointing out things to their friends and calling classmates from across the room to "come look at this!"  One friend stopped to talk to me.  She has a vocal chord problem so is VERY soft spoken.  I could not for the life of me figure out what she was saying most of the time. 
Lynda Fitzpatrick Salgado and I have agreed to get together soon in a quiet setting for a visit.
Lynda would ask me something and I would answer and I would get a blank stare in return.  That would let me know I had not answered her question, but rather I had answered a question I thought might be what she asked.  This happened over and over not only with her but with others throughout the day.  Most of them, I had told about my hearing loss, but it was still hard to see the looks on their faces as they realized I did not have a clue as to what they had said.
In the Museum in the old high school building
It was good to see so many classmates looking happy and healthy.  They were all having a great time, and so was I for the most part, but it was still hard to know that I just couldn't understand many of them.
Marsha on the left and Helen on the right are friends of 30 years.  Their husbands did not come with them but the two of them had a delightful time at the reunion.  I enjoyed meeting Marsha and am so glad Helen has such a pleasant friend.  They must have some great times together!

After leaving the old high school, I met Mom and two friends, one a former classmate, Helen, and the other her friend, Marsha, for lunch.  We went to a place that I have found to be fairly quiet most days.  We had a wonderful time at lunch remembering many events, places, and friends of the past.  I did real well for a little over an hour and then the room we were in began to fill and the percentage of what I could understand of conversations at our table began to drop dramatically.  I also found that I was getting a headache from the "noise" at the tables behind us.

While I was at lunch with my group, my husband was at lunch with his brother and sister-in-law.  His brother Don was in my class and is in town for the reunion.  They were able to have a good visit.

Me, Becky, and Helen at VICC after the dinner
A little later in the afternoon another former classmate, Becky, and her husband Tom came by the house for a nice visit.  Becky's husband and my husband hit it off fantastically!  They both had a super time talking not only at the house but later, at the country club after the dinner.  We just about couldn't get their attention at times when we needed to ask or tell them something.

It was good to see Tommy Barnes at Mr. Vezzetti's house.  It was probably the first time I had seen Tommy since high school.  Like so many others in our class, Tommy served in the military; some, not just for a short time, but many served for 30 years.

Between Becky and Tom's visit to our house, and the reunion dinner in the evening, Ron and I attended a social hour at the home of Bob Vezzetti who had been my band director.  Thankfully he lives just down the street from us, since we were running a little late.
As hyper as ever, I think this could be the only photo anyone got this weekend of Carrie Beth (in the black and white), where she was sitting still.  Several commented that they had blurred photos of Carrie Beth.  I nominate her for the "least changed in 50 years!"  Beside her is Art Guajardo's (our assistant band director's) wife.  I had not met her previously, but liked her instantly.

 At the reunion dinner, it was fun to watch friends greet one another.  Some almost brought me to tears as you could see the emotions involved.  Others were just fun to watch.
Louis Miller and Dr. Tony Diaz were not only classmates, but also neighbors.

Louis, Ray Bearden, Tony, and my brother-in-law Donald

Louis might not be the tallest in the class, but Helen sure makes him look that way.

Former classmate, Senator Eddie Lucio was there for the evening, presenting Senate proclamations to all the classmates who attended, as well as serving as MC for part of the evening.  He took time to talk to all who stopped by his table.
Senator Eddie Lucio and Susie Carroll visit after the dinner

There was a nice buffet dinner provided, some keepsake gifts were given as we arrived, and there were drawings for door prizes.
A Mariachi band provided entertainment. 
Selected former teachers were honored.

The veterans in the class were recognized and I was proud of how many veterans there were among my classmates.  Most of these men and women had served in Vietnam.  Those from our class who have passed away were remembered.  There were too many of them.  It was a sobering time.  Some were very recent losses while some died shortly after graduation.

Late in the evening, there was music for dancing and at one point, although Susie Carroll was not on the dance floor, she participated in the song Y M C A.  I guess Susie would have to be in the running for "least changed". 

By the end of the evening, we were ready to leave.  Becky got Tom to join her on the dance floor for a slow dance.  She earlier had tried the Twist and a couple of other dances.
Besides Tom (above in the white shirt) and Becky, Luke Fruia (below) and Rosie also spent time on the dance floor.
It is a joy to see classmates who have been married almost 50 years, who are still so much in love.  Rosie, and Luke, we all love you! 

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