Monday, August 29, 2016

August 28 & 29, 2016

A New Week - 
Off to a Good Start
August 28 & 29, 2016

Sunday morning was beautiful.  As we pulled out of the driveway to go to church, the sky was crystal clear, there was almost no wind, and it was just an amazingly beautiful morning.  Later when I went to get Mom for church, I told her it was miserably hot and muggy outside.  She said her care giver had said it was a beautiful day.  I told her that was true an hour earlier, but in the meantime, clouds had moved in, and it was a very hot, humid day.  Opinions can change.  It was still a pretty day if you were in an air-conditioned room and looking at it through a window.

Sunday school was good.  We had a visitor and most of our regular attendees were there.  We finished our study of the book of Revelation which had been the study for several months.  Everyone felt they had gained from the study.

As I sat down for church a couple came to join Mom and me, but wanted to sit on the end because they had to leave early.  I had planned to leave after the songs and go sit in the foyer where I can hear better, so I just let them have my spot and went out to the foyer.  When I tried to hook up my sound processor to the radio transmitter, I could not get it to hook up.  There seems to be a problem with the sound processor.  So I was glad I was in the foyer since Ron could turn up the volume to the speakers out there and I could hear most of the message.  I will need to send the processor off for repairs.  I have another one (in fact, two).

At church, the message was good.  It mostly was about the different mission endeavors our church is working on all over the world.  There were several visitors in church so it was good for them to know of the many projects that are on going so that they can find one that interests them.

After church we took Mom to the restaurant where The Lunch Bunch was gathering.  We were not staying, but dropped her off and went home to have our lunch.  She invited us, but it is just too hard for me to hear in a group like that.

Ron went to the office to work on some jobs and I slept the day away.  Again!  It was 7:15 when I woke up.  I fixed supper but ate alone since Ron was still at the office.  I did some laundry and a little sewing.  I cleaned the kitchen and went to bed about midnight. 

Monday morning (today) I got up about 8:30 and got ready to go to work.  When I got there Ron had been busy and needed to get some things in the mail before going on a couple of jobs.  I had an appointment with my thyroid doctor in Harlingen after lunch.  Ron got back to the office in time to be there while I was gone. 

At the appointment, the doctor had the results of the blood work I had done last week.  It showed a continued decrease in the blood test they had run.  She prescribed a medication for my hypothyroid condition and said to come back and have the blood work done again in 2 months.  She thinks this may help me with the tiredness that has been so overwhelming lately.  I hope it will help.

Ron had suggested that I just go shopping in Harlingen when I finished with the doctor and he would meet me in Harlingen for supper.  He had a job to do at a bank up there and so after he finished it, we could go to Olive Garden for supper.  Well, things did not work out as planned.  We did get to Olive Garden, but he did not get the job finished before the bank was closing so he will have to go back tomorrow. 

The shopping was not very productive.  I went to several stores and spent $3 total.  Not bad, but I was hoping to find a couple of things I need. 

While at Olive Garden, we had a delicious supper and then had each gotten a text message asking us to pray about something, so before we left there, we prayed at our table about the request.  When we finished, we were surprised to see that a lady from our Sunday School class had come to the table next to us while we were praying.  Her husband arrived a few minutes later.  We were able to chat with them briefly before we left to head home.  We each had a stop to make so  we parted ways and headed south.

At supper, we used the Cochlear mini-mic and it worked great.  I showed it to our friend and we talked about how it works.  I explained to her that if we were eating together with them and she had the mic on, I would hear her very well, but would struggle to hear our husbands.

This was a long day and tomorrow Ron has several jobs to go on so I need to get to the office earlier. 


  1. Got the hearing aids last Thursday before I came back to DS. Have had no trouble at all adapting. They are fully automatic, no volume controls. They are the over the ear type; my ear canals are too small for the in the ear, which I wanted. They were programmed while I wore them in the office. The tech got them set very well. I would
    like a little more amplification of voices so when I go back in September I'll ask for that
    adjustment. So far I'm very pleased. could hear a lot better in church. Going to a volleyball game tonight, anxious to see how they work in that setting.

    1. Great! I am so glad you are now hearing better. Have you tried the telephone? I know the frustrations of feeling left out while others are chatting and laughing. Enjoy!