Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 25, 26, & 27, 2016

Wrapping Up the Week
August 25, 26, & 27, 2016

Female Chachalaca

This was a good week in many ways.  Business was good, I am feeling better, and Ron's mother was in and out of the hospital during the week (shortest stay she has had in a while).  Thursday Ron went to the hospital to check on his mom.  At the time he was there, (early in the morning), the nurses did not yet know if the doctor would dismiss her. 

A call a little later from the hospital said that they were ready to dismiss her at any time and Ron should come to pick her up.  He appreciated that they did it in the morning because he had an afternoon job promised that had been bumped a couple of times from the schedule (I think once by the customer and once by Ron).  He got her home and settled and her caretaker was there, so he returned to work and kept very busy the rest of the day.
Morning sunlight hitting water in the fountain/birdbath

I worked on sorting old invoices and putting them in order and into storage.  It only took a couple of hours, but had been ignored for way too long.  It does feel good to get those things done that I avoid.  That was a job that our grandson helped me with and I miss his help.

Late in the afternoon our friends called to see if we could meet for supper.  They had been on a trip to Big Bend out in West Texas and we thought they would be gone longer.  We were glad to meet them and hear about their trip.  After supper Ron went to his mom's and I went home.  I spent time in the yard picking flowers.  This batch brought us over the 3,000th Zinnia picked from Ron's garden this summer!  I picked about 100 that evening.

Friday morning I was slow getting to the office.  I took half of the zinnia's to the office to enjoy and then took them to my mom when I picked her up for supper.  During the day at the office, we had a good number of customers and several were making good sized purchases, so it was a nice way to wrap up the week. 
All three Chachalacas out for dinner on Saturday evening

At closing time I was busy on some work and didn't see that it was getting well past closing time.  We put things away and I went to pick up my mom and Ron met us at Pepe's for supper.  Some friends ended up at the table next to us and we enjoyed watching their little boy who is one of the adorable kids in the nursery at church.  We do have some of the most fun, interesting, delightful children in the church nursery!

Mom and I went to the Wal-mart across from Pepe's to do our shopping this time and both of us headed our own way to do our shopping.  I had checked out and put my groceries in the car when she called that she was checking out.  I went back in and helped her and then got her groceries loaded.  After taking her home and unloading her groceries, it was 9:00 when I got home and brought in my groceries.  Funny thing, I have mentioned before I love numbers and statistics.  Mom mentioned on the way home how much her groceries were and I said mine came to the same amount.  So funny because I doubt either of us bought any of the same items. 

Friday night I spent time texting with our daughter-in-law from McAllen.  They were on their way out of town and had a flat tire.  They waited a long time for AAA to show up to change it but AAA gave the provider the wrong location so they eventually gave up and our son took care of it.
This may be about the last of the zinnias. 
 We hope to replant next weekend.  

It was a little after midnight when I went to sleep and woke at 7:30 this morning.  Wished I could have slept later, but got up, had breakfast, and worked in the kitchen for a couple of hours cleaning a couple of cabinets, and arranging the flowers I had kept.  Then I spent time in the yard cleaning the windows on the sewing room, filling feeders and fountains and birdbaths. 

When I got back in the house just before noon, I read for a bit in the recliner, fell asleep and woke at 6:15 in the evening - not my plan at all!  The evening was leisurely and I fixed a new dish for supper.  It was way too spicy for me, but Ron gave it a thumbs up.  It was a frozen dinner in a bag - chicken fajitas with onions, peppers, and rice and a hot seasoning sauce.  Ron will enjoy it and I will  try to keep one on hand for evenings when he is working late and I will eat something else.

There was a good variety of birds in the yard today: wrens, sparrows, orioles, chachalacas, and doves.  I probably missed others as I slept the afternoon away.

Saturday was a very quiet day.  I did not put on my Cochlear sound processor until 7:30 in the evening.  Sometimes, I just need a break.  I often watch the closed captioning on the television.  Ready for a new week which starts in 15 minutes!

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