Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 3 & 4, 2016

"Quack, Quack," 
Said the Little Duck
August 3 & 4, 2016

Baby duck

Ron had told me Wednesday night he would be in the office all day Thursday, so I could come in when I wanted.  I told him I would be there about noon.  I slept until 10:00 and then got my shower and got dressed for work.  I filled the feeders and the fountains.  I enjoyed watching the birds in the yard.

I got a text from my sister telling me that Mom's caregiver had found a baby duck in Mom's yard and there was no family with it.  They wanted to know if I would put it with the ducks in our yard.  There have not been any baby ducks in the last few weeks, but I said I could try.  They invited me to join them for lunch and so I met them at Pepe's just before noon.

We had a nice visit and a good meal.  The lady who taught me to quilt, came into the restaurant with her son-in-law and getting to visit with her was an added treat.  She will be moving out of town before too long, so I was extra glad to get to chat with her.
 Running for cover

At lunch, I put the Cochlear mini mic on my mom who was sitting across from me.  She offered to give it to my sister and I said I could hear my sister better than I could hear her (my sister was sitting beside me).  Only problem was, the mic over rides all other conversation.  My sister ended up repeating all through lunch and when I got up to visit our friend, I could barely hear her because the mic was what was feeding into my sound processor.  Oh, well.  Live and learn.

When lunch was over, I headed to the office and my sister, Janet, went to get the baby duck and brought it to me at the office.  I left work a little early and took the duck home.  I just turned it loose in the yard and left the box for it.  It scampered into a flowerbed filled with ferns and then to a flowerbed with grape vines.  From there I don't know where it went but I hope it found some duck or other friend to join up with.
Hiding in the fern
After those few chores, I went in the house and fixed a little supper and then slept until 7:30.  The dizziness is better.  Turning my head too fast or leaning down can cause a light-headed feeling.  All in all, I am much better than this past weekend.  It will be a week tomorrow since it got bad.  I enjoyed getting an email from a friend yesterday.  She had lots of assorted news to share and it was good to catch up.

This morning I had an appointment with the heart doctor to review a medication.  I told him about my sleep patterns and he suggested a sleep apnea test.  They gave me an appointment for Monday afternoon to pick up the testing equipment and start the testing at home.  This will be a "do I have it or not test" and if I do then there will be another test.

At the office I did a little cleaning and some filing.  Ron was out on a couple of jobs the rest of the morning after I arrived and again in the afternoon after I had my lunch.  It was a busy day with customers. 

We met our friends for supper (which was yummy) and had a good visit.  Leaving there, Ron went to his mom's and I headed home. 

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