Monday, August 8, 2016

August 5 - 8, 2016

August 5 - 8, 2016

Friday morning I drove to the doctor's office and found that the Nurse Practitioner would not be in until after lunch.  I returned to their office after lunch.  I had decided that I must be coming down with Shingles.  The Nurse Practitioner agreed with my diagnosis and gave me two prescriptions, telling me that if I was not better Saturday morning, to come back.  I returned to our office and paid all current bills and got things where I hoped that Ron could handle them the following week.  The shingles are on the right side of my head starting around the eye and up into the hair probably stopping in the back at the same level as they are in the front.

We cancelled supper with Mom about the time I got an email from her saying she was not feeling good and that she was going to cancel.  Worked out for all of us.  When I got home from work I put on my night gown to remind myself I was sick and to take it easy.  It worked.

During the night and on Saturday morning I was having a lot of pain in the ear on the side with the Shingles.  Back to the doctor.  She prescribed adding Tylenol to the growing list of medications.  I slept some Saturday afternoon and mostly read when awake.  

Sunday morning Ron went to Sunday School and then came home to check on me.  He brought me food and then took lunch to his mom.  He treats  his ladies well.  Late Sunday evening he picked about 100 zinnias, but did not get all of them.  Later I made one arrangement and did 3 more arrangements the next morning.  

The pain in the ear continued to be a major problem and Ron took me to the doctor's office the next morning (Monday).  We arrived before they opened and so we were seen pretty quickly.  I had been unable to sleep at all Sunday night due to the pain.  They ended up giving me a shot for the pain and a new prescription for the pain.  

Ron had an appointment scheduled with them for later this week to get lab results on blood work he had done last week.  They asked if he wanted to get them while we were there today.  That was very helpful.  They got me in right away with the ear specialist and we went straight there from the GP's office.  

At the Ear specialist's office, he took some time to visit and I always like when doctors will do that.  He ordered a new prescription for the ear pain (ear drops) and said he thought the dizziness last week was tied to the shingles.  Some things he said went along with some things I had read the previous evening, indicating I may have had some flare ups of the shingles before but did not recognize them as such.  I had the pain, but not the spots.

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