Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 9 & 10, 2016

God's Unique Creations
August 9 & 10, 2016

A few days ago, Ron and I were discussing the abundance of zinnias that his one flower bed has produced.   There is one bush right at the corner of the flower bed that has produced over 25 flowers so far.  Ron has counted 14 more buds on the bush.  These are a rather unique shade of pink, a soft baby pink, and the flower is very full, having several rows of petals.  No other bush in the flower bed produces flowers in that exact shade of pink.  Yet each of those flowers on that bush are unique.  Some are larger than others, but all are that soft pink.

The row of tiny little yellow flowers that separate the petals from the center of the flower have always fascinated me.  I just love the detail that God put into each flower.  I had always loved flowers, but when I got my first digital camera many years ago, and began photographing flowers I was so amazed at those tiny details.  Today I saw something I had not seen before and that was those tiny yellow flowers in the shape of a heart.

Today I picked the flowers.  Ron had not had time to do them the last few days and I had not felt up to it.  I would go out and pick a few and then come in to cool off.  Today's count was 300.   It took a long time to pick them and then a long time to make arrangements.  I was able to make 10 arrangements.  Of course at this point they are just sitting on the dining table since I am not driving due to the medications I am taking. 

Back to the flowers - in our conversation, Ron said that like snowflakes, each flower is different.  One of the arrangements I did has 50 flowers in it, but I think I would enjoy it as much if each flower were alone in a bud vase.  It would highlight the beauty of the individual flowers. 

Often over the years I have thought that God could have made flowers the way I draw and color them - a stem with a couple of leaves and a red blob of a circle on the top of the stem.  We would not have known the difference.  We would have enjoyed them and picked them and given them to our mothers when we were young.  But God had a different plan.  The uniqueness of each of the created flowers is overwhelming.  He wanted to provide unique beauty for us to enjoy.

That uniqueness is true in everything God created: the birds, the flowers, the dogs and cats, and us.  Each human has God-given uniquenesses: our height, our shape, our freckles, our skin color and hair color, our intelligence, and our purpose in the world.  Who were all those aborted babies created to be and what was their unique gift to the world going to be? 

Years ago when I was PTA president at a local elementary school, at the first PTA meeting of the year, I presented each teacher with a rock.  It wasn't just any old rock (which probably would have been unique), but it was a geode.  These geodes had not been opened to reveal the beauty inside.  I challenged the teachers to think of that geode that looked dirty, unattractive, and dull when they met their new students, reminding them that inside each student was a talent that would sparkle when it was found and opened.

Again that geode is something God created with amazing beauty hidden inside.  What a wonderful world we live in.  What an amazing God we have! 

As for me and my shingles (I am sure they are unique to each person, also)...  I am getting better.  I have lots less pain.  The spots seem to be just gradually drying up.  My ear still hurts some, but less than a couple of days ago.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I slept all day.  I woke up at 5:15, took my medication, returned to sleep until Ron woke me at 8:00 for ear drops.  Went back to sleep until about 3:00 and took meds and returned to sleep until 8:00 in the evening.  Then I was able to sleep all night.  Today (Wednesday) was only one afternoon nap.  The meds don't make me feel groggy or dopey.  But when I go to sleep, it is a deep sleep.

Your prayers and encouragement have been appreciated.  I feel I am making good progress.

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