Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 11 & 12, 2016

Feeling Much Better
August 11 & 12, 2016

Tufted Titmouse eating lunch
Thursday (the 11th) was a much better day.  I woke feeling good and during the day I was able to actually do some much needed house work.  I vacuumed about 1/2 of the house, loaded and ran the dishwasher, did a couple of loads of laundry, took care of the fountains and ponds in the yard, and filled the bird feeders.  I was tired when all of that was done, but it really felt good to get so many things done that needed my attention. 
White-winged Doves

There is still a little ear pain, but there is no other pain and only a very small amount of itching as the places are healing.  During the day I worked and took time out to rest and read a few times.  It was just nice to walk through clean rooms after the work.  For lunch I made a sandwich and for supper Ron brought home smoked turkey and I had a sandwich.  He had gotten sausage for his supper.
The doves became aware that I was taking photos and turned to check me out.
Ron spent some time working in the yard in the evening, pulling some branches out of the water in the lake behind the house.  The water level is down and it was a good time to get the broken branches out. 
Cute little Bewick's Wren
For months I have felt tired and rundown.  Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I felt like myself.  It was good.  Maybe I did a little too much because today was not as good.  I slept until almost noon.  I decided to skip breakfast and just go for lunch.  I spent the afternoon doing a few small chores and mostly doing some hand sewing.  When Ron got home we had a light supper.

It has been good to watch some of the Olympics the last few days.  So many strong, talented young people from all over the world and so many American Gold Medal winners who are praising their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as they achieve a high level of acclaim.  If I have to be at home and sick, I am glad it is during the Olympics.

Besides the Olympics, I am enjoying watching the birds.  I am not getting too many photos, but I am enjoying watching so many young birds that have hatched in the last few weeks or months.  Some sit in the trees calling to their parents to bring food.  Some tire quickly as the fly to the feeders.  It is just fun to watch them.

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