Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014

What Did I Accomplish Today?
July 30, 2014

There are those days that come to an end and I wonder what I accomplished and how I can be tired if I didn't do much.  This was one of those days.  I again felt great this morning and I did accomplish some things at the house before I went to the office.  I took care of feeding the birds and filling the birdbaths and ponds.  I folded and put away some laundry and cleaned the dining room.  I got a quick bite of breakfast and fixed my lunch to take to the office and then headed out on some errands on the way to work.

When I was having t-shirts printed a few weeks ago, I had left one shirt over at Paper Jay while I decided what I wanted them to print on it.  I decided yesterday and put the photo on a disc and took it to them this morning.  Then I needed to get gas in my car.  From there I went to Walgreen's for some over-the-counter medications and arrived at the office about the usual time I have been getting there lately.  Ron left a few minutes later on a job and was in and out for the rest of the morning.

Three different members of our Sunday School class came in for keys today.  One man came in alone and stayed a while to visit.  The other two are a couple and they only stayed a brief time.  Ron returned to the office long enough for me to eat my lunch in peace and quiet and then went back out on a couple of jobs.  My mom stopped by for a while to visit.  She will be taking care of the grandchildren tomorrow and we discussed supper plans so we could all eat together at Jeff and Barb's house.  My brother and his wife and three of their grandchildren are coming for an overnight visit.

Previously, I think I have mentioned that this weekend is my high school class 50th year reunion.  Several friends will be in town for that (and some aren't going to make it).  I heard from a couple of them today and they were letting me know when they would be arriving.  I am looking forward to seeing these friends.  I know my mom will read this, but I will say it anyway, and will probably get in trouble for it, but when my parents went to their 50th reunion, I thought they were OLD.  My friends and I are not old!

I spent much of the afternoon working on a quilt pattern that I had seen of Facebook this morning on Jinny Beryer's page.  She designed the square and I hope she doesn't mind that I tried to make one of the squares.  I was trying to make it from a photo, not a pattern.  I have it fairly close, but need to remake the corner squares because they are a little too small.  As with most patterns I try out, I don't do much more with them.  I may someday make a quilt out of all the sample blocks I have tried over the years.
As you can tell, this is only sewn in segments and not completed, but it has been fun to play with using mostly the scraps I had at the office for the granddaughters to play with.  I think I will redo the corners with a different fabric.  Maybe you will see the results soon, but probably not right away since I will be with the grandchildren some the next couple of days.

At the office I did pay some bills and waited on some customers, and ran the shredder for a while getting rid of old papers.  They sure stack up in a hurry.  I left the office a little early and picked up some supper on the way home.  Ron stayed at the office to work late.  He has several jobs to do tomorrow.  Maybe I will take another sewing project with me in the morning.  I do need to do some printing so I guess I will stay busy while he is out.  I sure have missed having my grandson at the office some.  He has been out of town much of the summer.

Once I got home I spent a brief time in the yard and then tried to work on one sewing project, but had to go to Plan B on it.  That slowed me down while I washed the Plan B fabric and so I never got to work on that project except to wash and iron the fabric I needed.

Our daughter-in-law in New Mexico and I visited on the phone a while and it was good to talk to her, but when she gets excited, she talks fast.  I had to slow her down some.  One thing she was trying to tell me she finally had to spell for me to understand the word.

I am ready for my housekeeper to come back from her trip to Italy!  My house and I miss her!  I don't want to spend my time doing that work when I could be sewing and reading.  Ron's brother and his wife will get to town tomorrow for the class reunion and I would like to have them over if I can get the house clean.  It isn't too bad, except for the floors needing to be vacuumed and clean dishes in the kitchen need to be put away.  Guess I need to stop typing this and do some house work.

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