Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, 2014

Too Much to do In One Day
July 17, 2014

Let me see if I can make this a quick blog tonight.  I still have much to do and it is after midnight.  There was just too much to be done today.  Ron was busier at work than he had been lately so I could not get away as early as I had hoped.  I did manage to get my hair cut.  It was not the lady I had wanted to do it, but a co-worker she suggested.  It is fair, but not perfect.  I may have to keep looking.  I will see how it is in a day or two.

I did have a couple of good conversations at the office with customers.  One was a man who was waiting to be helped when I got there.  He is one of my favorite customers.  He has been a member of our church, but is now helping to lead a Filipino congregation.  I know he is needed there, but we sure miss him.  It was good to catch up on news of his family.  Another was a lady who is always a joy to visit with.  She is a retired school music teacher.

When I went to the drive-up window at the bank the teller asked me a question.  I asked her to repeat it four times, but never could come close to figuring out what she was asking.  I had sent 3 one hundred bills with a note asking for 100 $1 bills and 20 $10 bills.  I don't know what she needed to ask me about that, but finally her supervisor came over and just did what I had asked in the note I sent with the money.

At Walmart I had a similar experience.  The clerk asked me something several times but I never could understand her.  I had to do with my check and something about them converting it electronically.  I don't know what she was trying to say.  There are frustrating times with the Cochlear Implant.

Once I got home I baked cookies, made a big pot of our version of Sloppy Joes which we call Tavern Burgers, made egg salad for sandwiches,cleaned out the refrigerator, washed a mountain of dishes, packed up enough food to feed an army (for 20 of us for 4 days) and still need to pack for myself and do a few other things. 

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