Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to the USA!!
July 4, 2014

Green Jay following a dip in the birdbath.

Today was a great 4th of July!  It was a hot day, but pretty, and just what a day in the middle of the summer should be.  Ron was away from the house much of the morning and I got a slow start.  I slept till 8:00 and then answered some emails before starting to do a little sewing.  When sewing quilt blocks, things need to be ironed at each step along the way.  I discovered that my iron was seriously in bad shape so mid-day I made a trip to Wal-mart for a new one.  Of course, I never get out of there with just one or two items so I shopped for a while and then came back home to unload my purchases.  Ron was working on cleaning an area of the garage.  He did a great job!

I did some more sewing and did a little work in the yard, but not much.  I went to get a bag of ice and then made some peach ice cream.  It was good but the peach taste was not strong enough.  Back to the drawing board as they say.  Guess I will have to try again sometime soon.  
We spent the late afternoon and early evening at the home of our daughter-in-law Barbara's sister.  Barb's sister Cristina and her husband Eric have one little boy and they hosted the 4th of July party in their lovely home.  The gathering was a perfect size.  Eric's parents and sister were there from out of town, along with a couple of Barb's mom's friends, Jeff and his family and us.  Barb's mom was there with her 5 month old twin grand babies who they were passed around a lot.
Ron and Eric's dad always enjoy a good visit.  

 The younger kids had a delightful time in the bounce house/slide/basketball thing.  Wow!

A couple of the little boys enjoyed playing basketball.

The girls loved the slide and the boys would join them some of the time.  The kids just all had a great time playing with siblings and cousins. 
Jeff, Eric, and our oldest grandson played football.  Well, actually they just threw it back and forth, but I was impressed.  Our grandson did a great job.  Eric must have been working with him because the two of them were a good pair. 
Our grandson was just back from a week at church camp that he thought was outstanding and he leaves tomorrow for almost 2 weeks in California to attend a camp there with a friend.  He will return just a day or two before our family gathering later this month.

Ron and I left just about sunset.  It was a very nice party with wonderful people and good food including the best fajitas I had eaten in a very long time.  Our oldest grandson and I sat at the kitchen island to eat and had a nice talk about camp.  I struggled to hear him.  Then he went to play football and our son sat down in his place.  There was just too much other noise in the room that my sound processor picked up well and so Jeff and I went out in the yard to talk and that worked better.  He starts his new job in McAllen on Monday. 

I will just mention that our youngest son became engaged last night.  That is what our Skype sessions were about yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow (or soon) I will share some of the details. 


  1. Know what you mean about WalMart. Last time I went there to walk for 30 minutes,
    I spent an hour and $75.00 !!!

    1. I keep telling Mom it would be cheaper to join a gym!