Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

First May Monday
May 5, 2014

This theme keeps repeating: How did it get to be_______(insert name of new month)?  Days are flying by and sometimes I feel like I didn't even experience a particular day because it rushed by so quickly.  Last year a friend starting telling me in January that Christmas was just around the corner.  I told her to quit saying that - it wasn't true.  Then suddenly - it seemed to be true.

Instead of thinking of next Christmas, let's think about this beautiful spring!  Today was another lovely day.  I got up early and made it to the gym for a while.  I got a good workout, but not too hard.  The sun was rising as I headed home and it was a beautiful morning.  I made Ron's coffee, took care of things in the yard, got my breakfast, showered and then sat down to read.  Suddenly I realized I should be heading to work.  It was so relaxing reading my book.

At the office, Ron was swamped when I arrived, but then it got a little slow so I went to pay a bill and then returned to work so he could go out on a couple of jobs.  I got a few things done at the office today that I needed to do.  I paid a couple of bills and wrote a card or two.

I left work just a little early and filled feeders when I got home, before fixing and eating supper.  I watched the birds for a little while.  There was only one Baltimore Oriole that I saw in the yard.  He was beautiful.  I enjoyed watching him flit around the backyard.

Ron had to pick up a prescription for his mom and stayed to visit with her for a while.  I left to do a little shopping before he got home.  I tried to find a new Sunday dress, but that is just about impossible these days.  Then I got groceries at Wal-Mart and some paper goods for the office.

Besides the ducks that have just decided to move to our house, there was not as much activity in the yard this afternoon.  One of the Mourning Doves was eating an orange.  I didn't know they would do that.  He seemed to like it.

With my Cochlear Implant, there are many places where I just seem to hear "noise" - particularly crowds.  But in the grocery store, or Wal-Mart, things seem rather quiet.  That is so funny, but so nice.  On another medical note, my elbow has been sore the last few days.   I tried to pick up a pan with some of the supper food in it and was surprised how much it hurt.  Most days are fine, but the last few have been achy.

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