Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Being Responsible for My Health Issues
April 14, 2014

Today was a slow day at the office.  I went in a little late and then decided to go by the dentist's office to make an appointment.  Since I have trouble hearing on the phone, I decided it would be easiest just to go to the office.  I have a heart valve problem that was diagnosed about 25 years ago.  The only thing that I do for it, is that before any dental work, or surgery, I take an antibiotic.  My dentist is very good about remembering to take care of that. 

I prefer early morning appointments so I can get the work done and go on with my day.  They offered me an appointment for this afternoon at 2:00.  The girl reminded me to take the medication at 1:00.  I tend to chip my teeth often and so they give me a prescription for several of the pills at one time.  I told her I had my pills with me in case they made that offer and I would take the medication, and see them at 2:00.

Once back at the office, I checked the pills and saw they were out of date, so I had Ron call and ask them to call in a new prescription.  The lady said that she would do it immediately.  When I went to pick up the prescription they said it hadn't been called in and then they said it had just come in.  This was an hour past when they said they would call it in.  So I told her I would wait since it was almost time to take the pills.  Years ago, they had me take one pill; more recently it had been two pills.  (Later I found out they used to give me one 600 milligram pill and now it was two 300 milligram pills.  Makes sense.)

Eventually a little after 1:00 I got the prescription and went to the car to take the pills.  When I opened the package, there were 8 pills and the label said:
I went back in and told the clerk I thought the dosage was wrong.  She said no, it was fine.  I told her that was not even close to the dosage they had given me in the past.  She assured me it was correct.  Finally she went to ask the pharmacist.  First he thought I was the customer who was allergic to another medication - he had the wrong patient.  When I told him my concern, he said no, that was correct.  I told him it was 4 times what I had been given in the past, and that I couldn't believe it was to be 2,400 milligrams.  He looked it up and said that was correct.  I told him I would cancel the appointment before I would take that dosage.  He said well, he guessed he could call and check (you think???).  I told him, never mind I would go to the office and check myself - it was not far away. 

When I showed the dentist the bottle with the dosage, his eyes got big and he said, "How much did you take?"  I assured him I only took two.  I know mistakes happen.  I make mistakes all the time.  If I miscut a key, it is not as likely to cause as serious a problem as it is when a prescription is for 4 times the correct dosage.  My point is, we all need to be responsible.  Don't be afraid to ask questions and to keep asking questions until you are comfortable with the answers.  I had called my husband and asked him to look on my desk at the office and see what the old bottle said.  It said 2 of the 300 milligram pills.  I took two.  I have a lot of drug sensitivities and have to be so careful with prescriptions.  If it had been the first time I had taken that drug, I might not have questioned it, except that I couldn't believe EIGHT pills!?

I think the problem was a combination of things.  Part of it was because at the last minute I needed the prescription (at time for everyone to go to lunch at the dentist's office and at the pharmacy).  Part probably came in the wording from the dentist's office.  Since they are normally only prescribing one dose, the wording would be to take the pills (in the bottle).  Since they were giving me extra for the next appointment, there were more in the bottle.  I will have another couple of appointments soon and will need those pills.  I would have expected the pharmacist to catch it or at least question it, especially when I questioned it.  

The dental work went off painlessly.  I must tell you, when you can take off the sound processor and "go deaf" while they drill on your teeth, it is not half bad.  I didn't even know when he finished.  I had been a little concerned about the appointment after the trip to the drug store, thinking it might be too unnerved to be able to handle the filling, but it was fine. 

I have two dentists.  The office where I go has a couple of great dentists.  They have both been interested in my Cochlear Implant and were both curious when I just "took it off" so I wouldn't hear the drill and wanted to see it.  Also one of the assistants told me she had talked to another patient about my implant and the patient wanted the blog information.  I gave the assistant several cards I carry with the blog address on them.  She was going to call the lady and give her the information.  I told her I am happy for her to share the information.  They are a caring group. I did have trouble understanding the dentists.  One talks very fast and then of course he put on a mask.  I had to have them repeat almost everything.

Back at the office, I got a few things done and then headed out as a cold front headed in.  I stopped by Mom's and wished I had time to photograph the Roseate Spoonbills.  Most of them were in the water by the little island, but it was very windy and overcast, so I decided against the photos. 

Once I got home, I took down most of the hanging plants in the yard and lined them up against the south side of the house.  They were predicting winds up to 50 mph and I didn't want to lose any of the plants.  One had fallen last week - probably from a duck trying to hang off the side of it.  

With the first real strong gust of wind, the yard filled with birds.  What a treat to watch them all fill up at the feeders.  There were Green Jays, White-winged Doves, Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds, and Golden-fronted Woodpeckers and of course the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks and the Mallards.

There was a juvenile Golden-fronted Woodpecker who seemed confused by the strong winds.  She was on a big limb and the smaller branches kept blowing toward her and you could tell she was uncomfortable with that, but didn't know what was going on or what to do about it.   
Finally her Dad came to the rescue and saw to it that she was safely returned home where it is warm and cozy.
The wind really "ruffled her feathers."  Cute little young one.

A little later a strong gust of wind brought three hummingbirds to the feeders but it was getting too dark for photos.  That is the most I have seen at one time this spring, so I hope it means the migrating ones are here.  I will make a fresh batch of food for them tonight and get it out first thing in the morning. 
The abrupt change in the weather seemed to have all the birds jittery.  This one Black-bellied Whistling Duck kept chasing all the others away from the food.  They have not been acting that way before.  He had them all intimidated.  I think he was playing King of the Mountain on top of the birdbath.

It was a good day and there was even time for some sewing this morning before I went to the office and during the evening.  That quilt is coming along!

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