Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5, 2014

Telephone Repairmen and Hurting People
February 5, 2014

My usual routine in the mornings is to eat breakfast and then take a shower and wash my hair.  I don't normally put my sound processor on until after my hair is dry.  This morning, I had my breakfast, showered and washed my hair, dressed for work and opened the curtains in the sewing room.  There were two men working in my backyard.  It was the telephone men.  I surmised that they had come to the door but without the sound processor, I had no idea they were here.  They know how to get in the yard - they have been here so many times - and they were busy replacing the telephone box in the back corner of the yard.

I went out and talked to them and they apologized and said they had knocked but since there was no answer, they thought no one was here.  I explained why I had not heard them, and we talked for a bit.  They needed to cut a portion of the pipe for the sprinkler system to replace the box.  I told them that was fine; Ron could repair it.  They were very nice.  I just hope the phone works.  I forgot to try it this evening and I have already taken off my sound processor this evening, so I will try to remember to check in the morning.

I did a little cleaning.  I ran the dishwasher and made my lunch before going to the office.  Once there, Ron left on a couple of jobs and I spent most of the day on bookkeeping chores.  My desk is again buried under paperwork.  That seems to happen way too often!  Maybe tomorrow will be "find my desk day".

Today, one regular customer, an older gentleman got to talking about going to the gym.  I asked which one and it turns out he goes to the one I pay membership fees to.  I haven't been in way too long, but keep up my membership.  Hopefully next week I can get started again.  We had a nice conversation about why we go to the gym - he had an injury of some sort a few years ago and started going at that time.

The next customer is a lady who is a regular in the office, (she sells real estate and often has keys made).  A few years ago I just asked her one day what was going on in her life.  She seemed distracted.  She shared that her husband had died unexpectedly a week or two before, leaving her with two sons who were in elementary school.  I didn't know her; at that time I had maybe waited on her once or twice.  She talked about what was going on and ever since then I always ask about her and the boys.  I have never met the boys.  Last year I was out of the office so much or stayed in my office since I couldn't hear, that she began to ask about me and so now if Ron waits on her, she will ask if I am in and ask how I am doing.  When she came in today she wanted to know how my hearing is doing.

There are people like that who are regular customers.  Sometimes we don't know their names, but gradually we find out about their lives.  Sometimes God allows us to minister to them and to encourage them.  This year, many of them have encouraged us.  Some have come on days when we were closed for a doctor's appointment and later mentioned coming when we were not open.  If there is time, I will explain what is going on and all have let us know that they are concerned and many say they are praying for us. 

Several years ago a man who was a regular, had not been in for a few days.  When he came back he was tense and reserved.  He was normally very outgoing and upbeat.  I think God prompted me to ask just the right question and he poured out a story about something that had happened a few days before that had really been difficult for him.  God kept the store totally empty of customers for over 30 minutes while he shared his story.  His life had been in danger and he had to defend himself.  It had broken his heart to have to defend himself, but some of the questions I asked him showed so clearly that God had prepared him for that moment and that his intervention had probably saved others who were not prepared to defend themselves.  He began to shed tears as I showed him how God had used him.  He said since the whole thing had happened, no one had been able to help him deal with his emotions and help him make sense of it.  God led me to ask the right questions at the right time.  That young man has told me over and over that he would do anything for us in return for the insight I was able to help him see that day.

Some days, I wonder why I am at the office.  Then one of those people or a new one will come in and God will show me why I am there.  I needed my hearing restored to be able to continue those kinds of conversations.  It is nice to feel like I can again really talk to customers.  For so long I never asked a question that might lead to a conversation in which I would struggle to hear.  I know God has a plan for my life.  Some days it is harder to see glimpses of that plan, than on others.  Today was one where I could again see it a little more clearly.  We are surrounded by hurting people.  Not all of them will open up and tell us what has caused their hurt, but for those that will, I want to be able to hear what they have to say and hopefully hear what God wants me to say to them. 
Tomorrow night (Thursday) we are having our Sunday School class party at our house.  The house is probably as clean as it is going to get.  Every time I look at the weather forecast for tomorrow night, it changes.  Currently they are predicting 38 degrees.  Brrr...  I don't think that weather will bother our Winter Texan class members, but those of us from South Texas are challenged by temperatures like that!  I hope everyone will come.  I have hot chocolate, spiced tea, and coffee instead of the usual soft drinks and iced tea.  We just aren't used to all the cold fronts that have hit us this year. 


  1. Wish I could be there for the party.....I miss those times. Tell everybody hello for me!

    1. I was thinking last night I wish you could be here for it. I will pass along your message. Take care and stay warm!