Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Just Call Me "Sneezy"
February 10, 2014

My husband has always complained that my sneezes rattle the windows.  The windows in the surrounding houses must be rattling these days.  I have really had the sneezes!  I am ready for them to go away! 

Today I felt bad most of the day from sore throat and sinus stuff.  If you are wondering why I don't go to the doctor, it is because I have so many drug allergies that there is little they can give me and I usually end up feeling worse from the reactions to the medications than I with the original illness.  So I try to wait them out.

My husband's mom was having cataract surgery today so he went to the hospital to be with her.  Ron's sister is in town and was with her also.  They were to be there at 8:30 this morning so I had to open the office.  They told them to expect to be there 2 hours.  My husband got back to the office at 4:00.  It turned out that my mother-in-law's blood pressure was a little high so they were waiting to bring it down before they did the surgery, but they didn't bother to tell them that, which only added to the blood pressure problems when they just kept delaying it with no explanation. 

At the office I was feeling lousy but actually had a very good day business wise.  That was very nice.  I did well hearing most of the customers except two very soft spoken men.  I find it amazing that I can stand across the counter from a customer and ask how I can help them.  I get what they need and then when I turn my back to them and turn on the machines, they start talking.  I think even for a person with normal hearing, that would make it hard to carry on a conversation.  I only had to text Ron once to ask him something and that was to place a rush order for a customer.  He sent me a few texts during the day to let me know what was going on, when he knew anything.

After Ron got to the office, I showed him all the work I had taken in for him to do and then came home.  I got here, sat down in the recliner and woke up at 9:00 this evening feeling a little better.  I had a scare.  I try to be very methodical about always putting my sound processor in the drying unit when I take it off.  Even it I am only taking it off for a few minutes, I put it in there so I will know where it is.  When I woke up, I didn't have the sound processor for the Cochlear Implant on.  I had felt so bad when I got home that I obviously didn't put it where it belonged.  I had no recollection of taking it off.  I started searching.  I found it on the floor beside the recliner, so I think I didn't take it off and that it fell off as I tossed and turned in my sleep.  This is the drying unit where it belongs!
I did a little work on the scrap quilt that is in progress.  I really have enjoyed working on it and would like to get it finished this week, but the week is filling up. 
Last year at this time, so many people were praying for me.  They were praying that God would restore my hearing.  God answered it by allowing me to get the Cochlear Implant which is providing me with better hearing that I had prior to the Sudden Hearing Loss.  I had struggled for many years to hear.  Now, this year, many of those same friends are praying for two other special needs in our church family.  One is a tiny preemie baby born to a couple in our church.  She is making progress each day, but we are all eager for her to be home and healthy.  Right now she is in a hospital about 160 miles away.  The second need is for a child of another couple in our church.  This is an adult child - a young man about 24 years old with a very serious brain tumor.  He served on the other side of the world in our military for a year and came home last summer with some headaches and assorted problems.  It took a while for the doctors to come up with a definite answer, but it isn't a good answer.  Many of us are now rallying to pray for him and his sweet wife and young child. 

It often seems that when we go through a rough time, we become more sensitive to the rough times others are going through.  Today I had a message from the mother of the preemie, suggesting that we should set a prayer meeting to pray, not for her child, but for the young man.  We have now set that up for this weekend.  Faith and trust in God is not just about ourselves.  We don't just go to God with our needs and wants, but we go to Him in prayer, thanking Him for all He does for us and asking not just for ourselves but for those around us who are hurting.  I know the young man has been sharing with so many around him about God's love and provision.  He is trusting God to be with him each step of the way as he travels this rough road. 

We are surrounded by people who are carrying some heavy loads.  We each need to reach out to help those around us.  The Bible tells us to bear one another's burdens.  That may be in a prayer meeting, in the providing of a meal, or in sending a card.  I hope you are finding a way this week to show God's love to someone you know with a burden.

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  1. Would you please list my name as praying for Tate. He probably won't remember us but his mom and dad will.