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February 20, 2014

Lessons Learned at the Water's Edge
February 20, 2014

Recently when we had an ice storm, the most damage we had was to a huge eucalyptus tree in our backyard by the edge of the resaca.  This tree is at least 40 feet high and many limbs broken under the weight of the ice.  Some of those limbs fell to the ground or in the case of one I watched fall, into the water.  It is a large limb and not very close to the retaining wall.  It is in a spot that will be hard to get to. 

In the past when limbs have fallen into the water, I have encouraged (*read "nagged") my husband to remove them.  This one is going to be a chore and he hasn't felt good.  I went out by the water yesterday and looked at where the limb was.  It had been brown and dead looking. 

So, Lesson 1:  Don't bug Ron to remove the limb when he feels bad.  (I truly have not asked him about this limb.)  Somethings are not as important as health.

Lesson 2:  Things are not always as they appear.
The limb that was totally severed from the tree, now has shoots and ROOTS!  I know some plants will grow from a cutting, but a eucalyptus tree?? 

Lesson 3:  Some problems that are put off grow into bigger problems if you ignore them.

Well I could go on and on, but I must say I was surprised to see the new growth on the limb I thought was dead.

I stayed home Thursday and sewed in the morning and spent the afternoon at the office doing bookkeeping.  I had to make a trip to the post office and one to the bank.  I worked on bulletin inserts for the church bulletins for the next two Sundays with reservation forms for the Adult Banquet Honoring the Winter Texans.  It will be a Southern Gospel Music Concert with a singer from Dallas, Brian Arnold, bringing the concert.  I printed, cut, and delivered the inserts to the church office.  So I got a lot done in my afternoon at the office.  Of course I waited on customers also.  It is always nice when one comes in who knew about my hearing loss and wants an update.  Many of them really care.

During the morning while I was home I went in the yard to take care of the pools, ponds, and bird feeders.  That was when I discovered the branch growing in the resaca.  As I walked through the backyard, I could not believe all the bird chatter that was going on and I didn't see any birds.  before my Cochlear Implant, I would not have heard all that chatter.  In the afternoon when I got home I again went into the yard and the bird noise was louder.  I went out to see who was so noisy and it was a female Anhinga.

She was loud!  It wasn't long before a male showed up, and started swimming her way.
It was an interesting day down by the water.

I am running a day behind and may have trouble catching up the next few days, so please just keep watching for notices on the Facebook page.

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