Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014

There Are Some Things We Don't Want to Hear
January 8, 2014

A beautiful sunset greeted me as I pulled in the driveway at the end of a long, exhausting day at the office.  Coming home, I could see in my rear-view mirror that the sunset was going to be lovely.  I hopped out of the car as soon as I pulled in the garage and headed out in the yard with my camera.

Most days I am so glad that my Cochlear Implant allows me to hear.  There are so many good things to hear.  Today I had a customer who said a lot of things I didn't enjoy hearing.  I was glad when he left so I didn't have to listen to him.  He is a regular customer, but he has become so outspoken about his "beliefs".  Maybe it was more "anti" my beliefs than really what he believes. 

Not everyone believes as I do.  Not everyone holds the same beliefs that I do about God, politics, the nation, or the world.  I understand that.  But it saddens me when these people are so hateful against what others believe.  It makes me wonder when and why they became so angry at the world and how they can be totally opposite from me in all they think is right.  It is so rare that I encounter anyone who is so against God, against the rights of the individuals, and against the laws of our land, that I am often at a loss as to how to deal with them.  I was so glad when other customers came in and he left.

There are people who don't believe as I do, but who are searching for truth, or who are open to the ideas of others.  But when they only want to push their ideas and think they know what you believe (and are often wrong), I feel it is not always worth my time to try to talk to them.  When this customer first started coming in, I didn't feel that he held the views he now does.  Did he change his views, or just decide to push them?  Often when someone who doesn't agree with me leaves following a discussion, I feel I have at least given them something to think about, but I did not feel that way today.  I will pray for him, but I doubt I will look forward to future conversations with him.

Today was filled with a lot of "end of the month, end of the year" bookkeeping report paper work.  I think my reports are ready to go to our accountant.  I should have a lot of time tomorrow to take care of the loose odds and ends because Ron has a couple of jobs out of the office.  It is funny how that works.  It would seem I would have less time for my work when he is out, but it is usually just the opposite.  I am able to do my work without his interruptions.  When he is there I hate to get into my work too deeply because he often interrupts with things he needs me to do.  So I find once he walks out the door, it is the time for me to get into the things that require my full concentration.  I think he feels the same way about me.  Sometimes he stays late to do the jobs that require his full attention so he won't get interrupted.  I am always glad to see him return to the office, but I do get more done on the days he is out on jobs.

The last week or so, I seem to require more sleep.  Maybe I am still catching up from the holidays and the preparation for the holidays.  I fell asleep in the recliner this evening as soon as I finished my supper and slept for 3 hours.  So much for working on putting away Christmas things. 

Tomorrow, I hope I have customers that I will enjoy hearing.  I guess it isn't just me.  Ron said late this afternoon, "You just can't make some people happy."  He waited on a customer who had come in earlier in the day when he was out.  I had taken in their small job and told them I expected it to cost them about $15.  When they came to pick up the item, he waited on them and told them it was only $5, but they still found things to complain about.  When they left it was close to closing time, but he just locked the doors.  I think he had "heard" all he could for the day.  Some days are just like that.  Thankfully, not all of them are.


  1. Having been in business and worked along side my husband for 35 years---I TOTALLY understand!!!! Advice--when you have a customer like that--turn your sound processor off and just nod and smile!!!

    1. I did consider faking a dead battery. But that would not have been right. Couldn't smile and agree with his views. Just started praying for other customers to come in. They did.