Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013

Still Working to Hear the Sermons
Sunday,  August 4, 2013

Another Sunday has rolled around and I continue to try to find ways to hear the sermon.  This morning during the Sunday School hour, I did fairly well hearing the lesson that was led by my husband in our class.  He has taught that class for years and years!  Often people will tell me what a great teacher he is or how outstanding the lesson was that day.  I thank them for the compliments and comments, and sometimes tell them that he had put a lot of time in studying for that particular lesson.  Today, he brought an outstanding lesson.  I think maybe I now know why so many really love his teaching!  I followed most of what he said today and got about 1/2 of the comments that class members made during the lesson.  We have some great Bible students in the group and he often says he learns much from them.  Today was probably the closest I had come to hearing one of his lessons in at least 10 years. 

The worship service is another story.  Part of the difficulty could be due to the fact that I have more practice listening to my husband's voice than to the pastor's voice.  There are many other factors including the sound system and acoustics, etc. that figure into my ability (or inability) to follow the sermon.  Today when the sermon started, I went out into the church vestibule.  There are two or three ceiling speakers out there and a volume control on the wall.  I took charge of the volume control and sat under one of the speakers.  Doing that, I probably got 85-90% of the sermon, and it was a good one.  I really did like the sermon on "giving".  It was so well presented.  My husband and I have been tithers to our church most of our married lives and even before.  But today's sermon was from II Corinthians 8, showing how the Macedonian people who were suffering from extreme poverty, gave out of their abundance to the Lord.  It was a very humbling sermon and I am thankful that I could hear it.  Pastor Steve did an outstanding job. 

After church, we headed home and I made cheese enchiladas for our lunch.  I had planned to do that while Stephen and Kristina were here last week but ran out of days.  Maybe it was knowing that today was Stephen's birthday, that led me to that menu.  They turned out wonderfully and we wished they had been with us to enjoy them and to celebrate Stephen's birthday.  On a day-to-day basis, I don't really feel old, but when I think of my "baby" turning 33, it hits me that the years are adding up. 

Of course, something like a birthday, reminds me of the difficulty of using the phone.  I am thankful that Stephen and I could exchange texts early this morning, and I know he is going to be tied up with a birthday gathering playing "capture the flag" with glow sticks, this evening, but I would love to have a birthday chat with him. 

I napped most of the afternoon and then spent some time sending emails to a few friends who don't have any idea what has gone on in my life this year.  They are friends who usually just stay in touch at Christmas, and my hearing loss took place right after Christmas.  These friends aren't on Facebook and that is my usual means of communication these days.  So, I hope that they will join my journey by following the blog and be praying for me and sharing with me, what is going on in their lives.

As always, the birds are active in the yard.  It has been a very hot day here in South Texas and the birds kept the bird bath busy.  The sparrows are always present and there has been a Great Kiskadee at the bird bath often the last few days, but he quickly spots my camera (even though I am in the house) and I was able to capture a couple of photos of him for the first time in a while.  What a treat to watch these birds and enjoy their antics from the comfort of my air conditioned sewing room!


  1. Oh! How I miss Ron's class. Such good memories of his lessons and of the sweet fellowship. Some day--------------

    1. It is a very sweet fellowship group and that is what makes it so special - the love for one another. Good discussion today. As I recall, you still have a plane ticket for a trip down here to use some day!

    2. Yes! I am planning on it. When we both get well!