Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

Another Sunday Sermon; A Different Preacher
Sunday, August 11, 2013

The day started with our two oldest grand daughters still being with us.  The girls and I had all slept in the sewing room.  The oldest had asked me last night if she could sew when she got up this morning.  When I woke up, she was already at the sewing machine.  That is one nice thing about being deaf without my sound processor in place.  I don't know how long she had been sewing when I woke up.  I didn't hear a thing!  We had breakfast, got ready for church and left almost on time.  I had to almost drag her away from the sewing machine to get her to the car. 

In Sunday school class, I must not have had the device settings right because I had trouble hearing much of what was said.  In church, when the sermon started I headed to the vestibule to listen to the sermon like last week.  Our youth pastor was preaching this morning and several told me it was a great sermon, but I didn't hear all of it.  I am not used to the youth minister's voice and with the Cochlear Implant, many voices sound high-pitched.  His sounded very high-pitched, yet I know it isn't.  It was rather distracting. 

Following the service, all of the family went to What-A-Burger for lunch.  We enjoy eating there, and it works fine for a Sunday lunch.  We just want to be together, where ever we can all go.  If I recall correctly I mentioned that I had looked forward, when I was able to hear, to hearing our youngest grand daughter's voice since she had started talking while I could not hear.  She was full of chatter today.  Her oldest brother was filling me in on some of her recent conversations. 

Our youngest grand son here was seated beside me and I think he was explaining to me that his next oldest brother had gone with their cousin to the dinosaur exhibit this afternoon and that was why he wasn't at lunch.  He has a low-pitched voice for a little guy and I could understand just about everything he said to me today.  I know he is glad he is not having to repeat everything he says to Grandma anymore.  No more "yelling" into my amplifier microphone.  He had a lot to tell me today.

Interestingly, my hearing in there was better than at the other restaurants we have been going to lately.  We all had a good visit.  Our son had been sick for over a week and it was good to see him out and about, feeling better, even if he is not back up to full strength.   

Following lunch we came home and I started working on the quilt our oldest grand daughter had been working on.  She would like it finished for her sister's birthday this week.  She had a lot of it done and I told her I would try to finish it.  The top is now finished, if I can just get it all together tonight.  The lady who has been doing my hand quilting said she could get the binding put on it for me!  So I will keep this posting short and return to the sewing machine.

This is the quilt top.  I am not sure why, but the colors aren't real "true".  It is more pink than it appears here, but maybe before I take it to her, I will get a photo outside in true light. 

The evening was spent working on the quilt and chatting with one of our sons.  I had not talked to him in a while and we did fairly well with the amplified phone on speaker.  I continue to experiment with the settings on the remote control for the sound processor.  Little by little I am making progress.

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