Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013

It Has Been a Long Time
Friday,  August 9, 2013

So much has happened this year at our house.  Throughout the assorted medical problems we have experienced, we have still managed to have a nice amount of company: family from out of town, former exchange student and his family, our local family for Sunday dinners, or celebrations.  The thing I have not had the confidence or energy to do is have any of the younger grandchildren spend the night at our house.  These months have been mentally and emotionally as well as physically exhausting.  I just was not up to having the kids over.  That was disappointing to me and to them and it was just another reminder of the ripple effects of the hearing loss.

Today our oldest grandsons left for a Boy Scout camp out and so the oldest one, who normally comes to my office to work on Fridays, was not available.  Our son texted me last night to see if I would like to have our oldest grand daughter in his place.  She is a hard worker and LOVES to clean.  She is a perfect fit for our shop!  I texted our son (since I can't call to talk to him) and told him I would love to have her there, but I had Physical Therapy at 8:00 and could pick her up after that.  He texted to say that would work well. 

Physical Therapy was a little longer today.  They were busy and it took a little waiting time each time I was changing activity types.  When the therapist massaged my arm, he really worked it hard and tried to get it to extend, but it just will not budge.  It is not pain that keeps it from moving, it is internal.  I think he and I were equally frustrated and disappointed that the progress on extension of the arm is not really improving significantly.  The massage did feel great and the arm has been relatively pain free today.  Any little bump causes pain, but there was not the general discomfort all day as there often is.

From there, I went to pick up my grand daughter.  When I got there, I asked if she and her next youngest sister were available to spend the night.  Both were delighted with that idea.  So I told them I would bring the oldest back home after work, then after we went to supper with our friends and she packed, I would come back for both of them.  She worked hard at the office, and even wanted to work harder (sweeping outside) but I wasn't able to be out there with her due to needing to do some of my office chores, so I told her no.   At one point she asked if they were staying with me until Sunday.  I told her that was fine with me, if it was fine with her mom.  After checking it was agreed both girls would stay for the weekend.

For some of you grandparents, that is no big deal, but for me after the last few months, it was a big deal.  It was a good feeling to know that I truly felt that it was a good idea.  God is bringing peace and healing in many ways.  The arm healing isn't what I want it to be, but the confidence and peace continue to increase gradually as time goes on. 

After supper, Ron headed home and I picked up the girls.  They were so excited to be coming for the weekend after so many months of not being able to spend the night.  I did explain to them that if they needed me during the night, they couldn't just call to me or stand beside me saying, "Grandma, Grandma."  I told them that they will have to shake me to wake me and they thought of all the silly ways they could wake me. 

They both love to come to our house and for me to help them sew or bake.  I had asked the oldest what she wanted to do and sewing was at the top of her list.  She wanted to make something for her sister's birthday in a few days.  Nothing like pressure on me to help her get it done on a deadline!  I had just the thing for her to work on!  When I broke my elbow, I was wearing one  of my favorite shirts.  The fabric had a white background and had scattered on that, bright pink flowers and bright green leaves.  They had to cut it off of me at the hospital.  I could not stand to throw that shirt away.  I brought it home and washed it and set it aside to cut up for a project.  Tonight we cut up that shirt and an assortment of pink fabrics and green fabrics and she has arranged them on the design wall to her satisfaction.  The top two rows out of 11 are almost complete.  We are in for a long day of sewing tomorrow, but great progress has been made so far on what will be a couch quilt for her sister who will be 8 years old in a few days. 

When we first got to the house, I had a box of scraps that they decided to play with.  Since my design wall was filled with one of my "in progress" projects, they decided I could be the design wall.   I had fabric scraps stuck all over my clothing.  Soon, the younger of the two girls headed to the playroom to play with the Legos while none of her brothers were here to get in her way.  Then the oldest one and I started on the birthday gift.  She ironed while I did the cutting. 

Eventually her sister returned to say she was tired.  Before long she was sleeping.
The oldest grand daughter sewed until well past midnight and only went to bed under protest.  She wanted to keep sewing.
The quilt for her sister is on the design wall (I took most, but not all, of my project down).  Hopefully it will be ready for the birthday.


  1. I share your joy of being with the girls! Haven't seen the grandkids since the first of June---I'm ready to go home!

    1. I am sure you are ready to head home! The girls are having a good time experimenting with fabric. I see at least one fabric artist in the future here. Interesting watching them.

  2. How great that God has given you this opportunity to feel confident enough to have the grandkids there!!! I know the feeling so well. That's why my being able to keep Brandon so much of the summer is such a blessing to my life. I was never able to do this with the other two boys much because of my work. I kept them alot babysitting at various times at their house. Now they are grown & on their own!!! I love them all equally for their special ways but Brandon is just a special child to all of us & no jealousy comes with it. How he has blessed our lives!! Hope you get to do this more often with your kiddos.

    Has the dr said anything about revision surgery on your elbow? Sometimes, in my past experience at work, it was necessary to obtain full use of the arm when the elbow was shattered. There were not any drs here with the expertise to do it so we sent them either to San Antonio, Dr David P Green, or to Houston. Either has drs that can give you optimum results in this specialty area. There is one dr here in Harlingen, Dr. Savvas Poulos who I would trust to do it. It may become any option to you in the future. Shattered elbows are such a problem!! Intricate workmanship is utmost!! On my prayer list for you too!!

    Hands together!!

  3. Thank you, Dottie. You are always a wealth of information. I see the doctor again in about 10 days. He has not mentioned revision surgery, but he has said more may have to be done. My kids have asked that I go to Houston for a second opinion before doing additional surgery. Good to know you information. I do not want to put up with it this way the rest of my life. I will suffer a little more now to not suffer the rest of my days.

    So glad you can enjoy Brandon being there. It has been fun with the girls. I think we have thrown in the towel on getting the quilt done by next week, but they have had a ball this afternoon with "free-style" fabric art. They are having so much fun experimenting with different stiches, etc. Some interesting and impressive work .