Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

Sunday Means Time to go to Church
Sunday,  August 18, 2013

A beautiful Sunday morning greeted me today!  Ron and I were both up a little earlier than usual and actually made it to Sunday School a little earlier than usual.  Most of the people in our class are over 65 years old.  Most are well over that.  A few are younger, but just enjoy my husband's teaching.  Usually those who are not in class are accounted for, everyone knows why they are out.  We have one couple who are quite elderly and they have both been in poor health, so we know why they aren't there.  One lady has been out with back problems for a few weeks.  One man has to work some Sundays.  Basically, most of us who are there have been together for many years.  We do a lot of teasing in our class.  We do have fun! 

Most of the people in our class had heard about our quick trip to Houston this past week and were eager to be reassured that everything was OK.  It was their questions that got my husband in trouble.  I have mentioned before that he was going to get in trouble when I could hear again.  Well, he put his foot in his mouth this morning and I heard him do it.  I love the beet red color he turns when he gets caught saying something about me that he shouldn't.  He was explaining that the lump I had felt was actually the Cochlear Implant and that the swelling had just gone down and that is why I could now feel it.  He also mentioned that the doctor said usually the swelling goes down 2-3 weeks after the surgery.  It had been over 2 months since my surgery.  So, his comment had something to do with me being a "fat head".  I was sitting across the room and said, "I heard that."  The laughter rang out and that is when that shade of red crept across, no, engulfed his face would be a better description.  It was funny.  We all laughed.  If I didn't know he loves me from the top of his head to his toenails, I might have been offended, but I knew he was joking and after he made that long drive to and from Houston in one day, he deserved one laugh at my expense.  One is all.  He better not try it again.  Honestly, I was not offended.  We have been married 48 years and there are many things we can tease each other about and a couple of things I have told him are off limits.  He respects the limits.

Those people in our class have prayed for us often over the years, but most have been faithful in praying during this year as I first lost my hearing and then as I went through medications to try to restore it.  Next they prayed as I went down the road of seeing if I qualified for the Cochlear Implant and then prayed when I had the surgery and continued while I was without much hearing assistance as I was healing from the surgery.  They rejoiced as the implant was activated and I was able to hear.  They have all been a part of this whole process and deserve to have some laughs with us.  They have been an important part of this entire process, and we thank God for them.  They have made a very difficult year bearable.

When it was time for the worship service, I headed to the auditorium and a few other people who had heard about the Houston trip wanted more information.  It is so nice to be able to understand what they are saying.  I still mess up sometimes in figuring out what is said, but my percentage is much better. 

As has been the case every Sunday recently, I did have a lot of trouble with the music.  One lady had stopped to chat with me on her way in and she was very excited about how well I was doing.  I did tell her that the music was a problem.  Years ago, she and I were in church choir together, so she knows my love for the music.  I told her that there is no way I can learn a new song at this point.  I also told her, that this morning I was wandering around the house singing the old hymns and at one point my husband raised his eyebrows at me indicating (I think) that I was singing a little too loudly - I had not yet put on the sound processor because my hair was still wet.  Then I told her that when they take the old hymns and set them to new melodies, I am at a total loss.  A few minutes later the words to one of the wonderful old hymns appeared on the screen and she turned and smiled at me because she knew I would be delighted.  But, they sang it to a new melody.
I must say that I would not have tried to sing that lovely hymn with the congregation even if it had been to the original melody since I don't know, when I am singing, if I am in the same key that they are.  Let me see if I can explain this.  God gave us about 30,000 little hairs in the cochlea to transmit the sounds we hear to our brains.  The Cochlear Implant has 22 channels to try to replace those 30,000 tiny hairs.  So if you were playing notes one at a time, going up a piano keyboard, if you use both black and white keys, 8 of those in a row all sound the same to me.  How do I know?  I just went and tried it out, starting with Middle C.   When I get to the 9th key, I can tell it is a different note, but then the next several all sound the same.  So if I heard a song and figured out they were singing the traditional melody, I wouldn't know which of those 8 notes was the one that the song started on.  I could be in a totally different key from everyone else and have no idea how far off I was. 
Several people tell me that scripture says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord".  I know that is what the Bible says.  They say, just sing anyway, it doesn't matter.  It does matter to me.  I do sing and  make a joyful noise to the Lord when I am not singing with someone else or with accompaniment.  An example of that would be when I was getting ready this morning and wandered through the house singing some of my favorite old hymns.  Sometimes in the car I sing.  Sometimes in the office at work I sing.  Sometimes I sing along with the music in my head.  But not with a group at this time.

After church, we went to lunch with my mom.  We had a nice visit and then headed home.  Ron again slept the afternoon away and I read.  Later our older grandsons showed up with the sisters of the groom who was being honored yesterday.  They were returning plants that had been borrowed for the reception decorations.  Again, it was nice to be able to talk to people and understand most of what was being said.  After that I did a lot of the Immersion Reading for 2 or 3 hours. 

I had conversations on the phone with two of our sons this evening.  The conversations were a struggle but they are getting a little easier.  I continue trying different settings for the phone use.  I also explained to one of them that when I ask him to repeat, his voice seems to get higher, making it less likely I will understand.  I told him to practice speaking very "low".  They are doing all they can to help.  I appreciate their efforts.


  1. Linda, you could just "mouth it" like I do sometimes.
    My voice is gone and I miss it, but I can go through
    the motions without jarring surrounding worshipers.