Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

A Fun, Giggle-Filled Day
With Our Grand Daughters
Saturday,  August 10, 2013

Last night, the younger of the two grand daughters spending the weekend with us, was ready for bed before too late.  Her sister stayed up very late, sewing.  So naturally this morning, one was up early and one wanted to sleep late.  The one sleeping late had put in a special request for breakfast, so we made her get up before too long to join us for breakfast.

Our house keeper came, but I told her to just ignore the sewing room this time because the girls had several projects in full swing.  The younger of the girls wanted to sew and her sister had been monopolizing the sewing machine, so eventually we got her a turn.  She decided to make a pillowcase and did an outstanding job.  


Our older grand daughter continued work on the quilt she was making for a while, but eventually turned to other projects. 

We didn't go anywhere all day.  Ron was gone part of the morning and ran an errand around noon, but the girls and I stayed home all day.  One of them went with me out in the yard to keep me company while I cleaned the windows in the sewing room.  They were a mess and I couldn't take photos through them.

The girls decided to go through the scrap box and just sew scraps together.  They made doll quilts for their little sister, they made fiber art pictures, and scrap quilts for the stuffed animals.  The younger of the girls just started free-hand cutting out dresses for the stuffed animals.  I was amazed.  They weren't perfect, but they worked and she was having a great time.  I love the fabric picture the older one did.  It is a beach scene with the sky, water, a wave at the shore, a sand castle cut out free hand, a pail, shovel, and a little girl that was a picture on a piece of fabric that she cut to add to her picture.  I love it!

As for the hearing experiences during the day, the constant hum of the sewing machine, added to giggles, questions, singing, etc., at times was a little overwhelming, but for the most part, joyful.  The girls were having fun and got along wonderfully with the few exceptions of needing to have another sewing machine going.  I have another one, but with the arm problem, couldn't move it to the work table.

The arm did cause a few problems during the day.  Now, at the end of the day, it is tired and sore.  After bath time tonight, I gave up part way through combing tangles out of the girls' hair and my husband got to finish that chore.  He had done one quickly, but had to take over the one I was doing.

The soft, high-pitched voices of the girls are a challenge to me.  One is a little easier to understand than the other, but there was a lot of repeating things today.  I had a brief phone call from one of our daughter-in-laws.  I understood her pretty well tonight but we didn't talk for long. 

Each different activity I get back to doing, shows me the limitations that the elbow problem is creating.  I baked a cake this afternoon, but pouring the cake batter into the baking pan was hard.  The hair combing was just too much.   In spite of those problems, we have had a wonderful time and got a lot accomplished. 

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