Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Enjoying the Grandchildren
Friday,  August 30, 2013

You didn't overlook yesterday's posting.  There wasn't one.  Yesterday was one of those days when things don't go as planned.  I was up early and had taken care of things at the house.  I was getting ready to go to the office and suddenly got hit with a very upset stomach to a point of it making me weak and shaky.  I texted Ron and asked if he had committed to any jobs outside the office for the morning and he said his only commitments were after lunch, so for me to stay home a while.

My guess as to the cause of the stomach upset, is the antibiotic that the dermatologist gave me for a facial skin problem.  He had tried it once before and I got very sick, very fast.  This time he tried 1/5 the original dosage but after 3 doses, I was in much the same condition as I had been after that original dose with the full strength.  So I think this is ruled out.  The problem is that this is the only antibiotic approved for the condition - Rosacea. 
Since I was home yesterday morning, I did take time to relax and enjoy the birds and then I spent some time working on the quilt with the bird photos that is currently on the design wall. I was able to get the top five rows all together into one section.  There is still much to do but it was good to be able to see some progress.
Shortly after noon, I showed up at the office and Ron headed out for much of the rest of the day.  I worked on an assortment of things to get ready for the end of the month.  Again, I had no problem hearing the customers.  I am amazed at that.  I have struggled with that for so long.  We went to supper with my mom after work and had a nice visit.  I do still struggle to hear Mom.  She is 90 years old and her voice is a little weak.  Once I got home I did a couple of quick chores in the yard and then spent the evening reading and sewing a little.

Today our oldest grandson came to the office as he usually does on Fridays, but also our oldest grand daughter joined him.  She has some allergy problems and they were replacing carpeting at their house and so we agreed it would be good for her to spend the day at the office.  It hit me part way through the day that our office/shop is far from clean and when they send her to our office to prevent allergy problems, that is funny!!

Our grand daughter kept very busy all morning helping me by cleaning the glass doors, windows, and showcases.  Then she helped restock the display racks of key rings and decorative keys.  She worked hard.  After lunch we agreed she could relax and play.  I had taken some fabric squares and she went through them and selected 9 that she wanted to piece together.  She worked for a while on that and then wanted to try a computer game.  She discovered a new game to her (one of my favorites) - Spider Solitaire.  She loved it! 
Ron was out on jobs much of the afternoon.  Just before closing time, our second oldest grand daughter was dropped off to come spend the night with us along with her older sister.  All of us went to supper with our regular Friday night supper friends.  We had a nice supper and a good visit before heading home to let the girls enjoy the LEGOs without the boys around.  They spent a couple of hours designing forts and houses before requesting a movie and a snack before bedtime.

Over the last two days, I have spent time with the Immersion Reading and have not had time to do the practice exercises on the Cochlear DVD.  I have had several irritating spells of the tinnitus - loud sounds in my head.  The doctor says they should diminish as my brain gets more used to the implant.  I hope so.  Sometimes the sounds are overwhelming.  Tonight as I tried to visit with my friend over supper, I had the tinnitus, the music in my head, the amplified a/c in the restaurant, and conversations around us as well as the one we were trying to carry on.  A little bit too much sound.  After silence, I hate to complain, but it can get irritating. 

On another subject, my arm/elbow has been less painful the last few days.  I don't know if it is since I am not doing the physical therapy sessions, or if it just that it continues to heal.  The one bone is healing well, but the other is not and that is the reason that surgery is scheduled for September 9 to take care of the top of the radius bone.  It is hard, as I am in less pain now, to think of starting over with the surgery and pain, healing and therapy, but I do want full usage of the arm and I don't have it at this time.  I did notice tonight that the inward motion of the arm is about the same and the other.  It is the outward extension that doesn't measure up.  It will be 3 months on Sunday, since the original break.  So in about 10 days, we start over again. 


  1. Sounds like you had a good day--after the rocky start. I had Drake and Amanda for a couple of hours Thursday and Friday both. Feels so good to watch them play together!

    Every time you mention the Friday night dinners, I get pangs of homesickness! Give Pat and Dennis hugs for me.

    1. Tiny, so glad you are back where you belong and that you are having time with your grandchildren.

      We do look forward to our Friday night outings.