Friday, October 21, 2016

October 20, 2016

Updating My Blog - Part 1
October 20, 2016

The last couple of weeks have been filled with activities: a banquet, travel, car problems, seeing lots of family, sewing, packing, unpacking, shopping, laundry, celebrating some family birthdays, and on and on.
Debra, Linda (me), Gordon, 
Gordon's wife Linda, Our mom and Janet
Last week I was not in the office as much as usual and I am getting behind there.  Now that I am back, I got a lot done but there is still much to do to get caught up.  I have that same feeling about most aspects of my life these days.
Banquet Room
Ron and I left early Friday morning Oct. 14, and drove to College Station.  We arrived in the middle of the afternoon and many others in the family were already there or arrived soon after we did.  My brother Gordon was being awarded the Outstanding Alumni award for the architecture department at Texas A&M University.  There were seven from the department being recognized.
My brother with the award 

We visited a bit and then got ready for the banquet and a social hour before hand.  My brother's two daughters were there along with others in their families.  My mom was there as well as my two sisters and the husband on one and my husband and me.
My brother, Gordon Landreth

There were about 250 at the banquet.  The decorations were lovely, the people were delightful, the food was... banquet style.  We were not able to identify a couple of items, but what we did eat was good.

 Our main course

I enjoyed sitting between my husband and three of Gordon's delightful grandchildren.  The oldest was next to me and a good conversationalist.  
 The three children of one of my nieces.  They live in Mississippi.

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