Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 23, 2016

Updating My Blog - Part 2
October 23, 2016

Our son and daughter-in-law in Dallas
Before moving on, I have a comment to make about the banquet in the previous entry.  My sister-in-law had talked to someone to see if they would put my wireless microphone on the speaker's stand during the program.  That was very thoughtful and at first I thought it would be a good idea.  Then I remembered that when I am using the wireless mic, it brings the speech and sounds near it, into my sound processor, but I would not be able to hear anyone at our table.  The mic cancels out the other sounds. 

After thinking about it I decided that my brother should just take it with him when he went to speak.  In testing it before the banquet, I could tell it would work very well, but was not willing to sit there the rest of the evening unable to converse at the table.  Just before Gordon went to speak, I passed the wireless mic to him and I was able to hear him very well.  I appreciate when others think about ways to help me.  It would be great if I could hear from the Cochlear wireless mic and hear the sounds around me at the same time.
My brother's speech at awards ceremony
I was able to hear a lot of the program as the speakers were people who often speak in public and each spoke clearly, and not too fast.  It was a good evening and I am glad we were able to attend.

The next morning we left early to head for Dallas and a visit with our son and daughter-in-law.  On the way we got a text saying it would be a little later than we expected to see them so we made a brief detour to Crockett to check on some property.  When we got back on the expressway, it was just a short time before we were at a complete stop for almost an hour due to a bad accident just a little way ahead of us.
The property in East Texas
When they cleared the scene enough for us to pass the accident, our car did not want to cooperate.  So, 60 miles out of Dallas, we were traveling at 20 - 30 miles an hour.  Once we arrived, we had a late lunch and then Ron and our son picked up the trailer Ron had reserved.  Stephen and his wife had some things they no longer had room for and we were bringing them home with us. 

We spent some time working at the house, with the guys moving in the china cabinet and our daughter-in-law's mother and I filling it with things that were overcrowding the kitchen cabinets.  It was good, to all be working together, helping the younger generation get some things in place after months of remodeling.
Stephen and his wife, and her family

Sunday morning we met for breakfast with our son, his wife and her mom and step-dad.  We had a great meal and a good time, before we all went to Sunday School together.  It was a good lesson with great discussion.  After lunch together we returned to the house to do some more moving of furniture and I spent some time weeding a nice flower bed in the front yard. 
Ron and Stephen working on the china cabinet
Meanwhile, our car was still sick and Ron and Stephen got it to the car repair place early Monday morning.   Then they returned to the hotel to pick me up for breakfast at one of my favorite places, Panera Bread.  We all enjoyed sweet rolls and then we started doing a little shopping.  First stop was a store where Stephen wanted to show us some items.  The next stop was a new quilt shop in Dallas.  It has only been open 3 months and the lady in charge was very friendly and helpful.  I predict the shop will do well.

Stephen and I  (his wife was at work, but he had the day off) picked out a piece of fabric and then we went to another store before finishing our day of shopping at a quilt shop close to their house that sadly was going out of business.  I hate to see quilt shops fail, but this one had everything on sale for 1/2 price and Stephen was able to select several pieces that will keep me busy for a while.

Unfortunately, our car was not going to be ready until the next day so we returned to the house and did a little more work while we waited for Stephen's wife.  After that we went to supper and gave our good-bye hugs, because they both needed to be at work early the next morning (Tuesday). 
 Carolina Chickadee at my sister's house
Back at the hotel Ron contacted my brother-in-law, Joe Bob, in the Ft. Worth area to ask him if he could take us to pick up the car the next day when it was ready.  He was off work for a few days.  The next morning he came and picked us up so we could check out of the motel and took us to their home.  Mom was staying there for a few days.  Their home is so lovely and restful.  We enjoyed a short visit at their home before the mechanic called to say our car was ready. 
One of the many cute items in her yard
Back in Dallas, we picked up the repaired car and paid the a very reasonable bill before going to hook up at the trailer at our son's house.  We headed home, and arrived around midnight.  We stopped at Pok-e-Jos for Bar-B-Q in Round Rock.  Ron did all the driving. 
Sunset on our way home

In all, we were gone a day longer than we planned, but were very pleased with the mechanic.  Ron had taken the car in here three times to get the problem fixed after it had done the same thing a few months ago.

Our son and his wife are so good about using my wireless mic and passing it back and forth between them so I can hear them both.  Good visit!
Good to be home.

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