Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

Four days + Six Grandchildren =
  Fun!  Food! and Fatigue!
October 10, 2016

This is our sweet teenage granddaughter who spent her weekend making me feel special.  She would make my bed in the mornings, fold the end of the roll of toilet paper to a point every time she saw someone come out of the guest bathroom and just quietly do jobs without being asked.

Ballet class had her inventing her own dances.

The last few days have been spent in McAllen caring for six of our grandchildren while their parents are on a Get Away trip.  I went up Wednesday evening and came home this morning (Monday) when their other grandmother came to take over for the next three days.
I enjoyed watching and listening to the birds.
As the children get older, they are much easier to care for.  They help one another and can get what they need many times.  They can tell you what they want or need.  Of course, the older ages bring a different set of challenges, like, "May I invite my friend over for the afternoon?", or "Don't pick us up too early."  Actually the kids were great and I had a wonderful time.  I think they did, too. 

There were activities each day such as ballet, basketball, etc. but it seemed like a very relaxing long weekend.  They spent all of one day playing games with one another; the games and the groupings of kids would change, but they had a good time.

The only problem was that I woke up Thursday morning with a dizzy spell.  I don't know if is related to the earlier ear ache, or the dizzy spells I get off and on.  It was mild, but I was careful with what I had to do.  I didn't climb the stairs if I did not have to and I think maybe I only did it once a day or so.  It would be worse in the mornings than later in the days.

The kids played basketball a good bit.  On Friday we had a a storm that blew in with winds and rain.  I was playing games with two of the children when they jumped up and ran over to a cabinet in the corner beside the fireplace.  They started taking out all the games  and the bookcase holding them.  Then one of them ran out in the garage and came back with a pail that he set in one corner. 

When they first moved into this house a heavy rainstorm revealed a leak in that cabinet.  There was a tiny bit of water that fell into the pail.  Twice repairmen have tried to solve this problem.  They are getting closer.  A couple of hours later they got up and started putting things back but I suggested we wait until the next morning.  There was another heavy rain while they were at basketball practice, but only at the gym, with only a little shower at the house.

One little grandson has trouble keeping straight which grandmother is the topic of discussion  since there are two grandmothers and two great-grandmothers.  When trying to clarify the situation, when referring to me, he says the grandmother who has sugar?  I love to bake. 
 Rice Krispie treats were in high demand and won out over the requested pineapple upside down cake.  It was a great weekend and I am so glad I was able to go.  The other grandmother serves healthier choices.  Thankfully our daughter-in-law allows each grandmother to be herself.  One treat we had was Vanilla Wafers with a dab of frozen whipped topping, topped off with a slice of strawberry.  The little boy in the photo is the one who wants to be sure sugar will be available. 

A while back I bought some little kits for the two little boys.  I also had one of another kind for one of the boys, but ended up with the three youngest children home with me Sunday evening, so I asked the little granddaughter if she would like to paint a truck. 
 She was all for it and was extremely meticulous in her painting.  

The two boys painted small castles.  They worked on them for hours and headed straight to the school room to work on them some more Monday morning before I left.

Due to my dizziness, I took the four oldest children to church Sunday morning, but left them and took the two youngest back home to spend the morning with me.

I got a text while the older children were at church Sunday evening that the sky was beautiful.  That was correct.  I love that the children love so many of the things I love.

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