Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 2016

A Sunday Surprise 
October 25, 2016

Green Jay enjoying Sunday morning breakfast

Sunday morning we were running late for Sunday School.  When we arrived in class, someone else was teaching.  It turned out Ron had asked the man to fill in for him for last week and the dates got confused.  It may have been Ron's fault.  For 2 months before the trip we took, every time something came up about the trip Ron would ask me for the dates.

Anyway, Ron just let the man finish and he relaxed and learned along with the rest of us.  It was a good class and we had several visitors in the group.

When I got to the auditorium for the worship service I sat where I usually sit and in just a minute, our youngest grandson popped up in front of me.  He had come to town the previous day for a birthday party for a friend and then spent the night with him.  The friend's parents were going to take him home that afternoon.  We all sat together in church and it was a great treat to have him with me in church.  He was well behaved and is growing up so fast. 

That cute little grandson who was with me in church won't be the youngest grandson for much longer.  He better enjoy it while he can before his new cousin arrives in a few months.  Ron and I napped after lunch and got very little done the rest of the day. 

Monday was a back to work day and I got a few cleaning things done during the day.  I left the office early and went by the post office.  A package of fabric I ordered a couple of weeks ago was missing.  The mailman said he had left it at our office.  It turned out it was at the Post Office.  I also took care of an errand at the Post Office for Mom. 

Tuesday: temperatures were a little better today since we had cloud cover almost all day.  The middle of the day we had sprinkles and a couple of isolated showers.  In the morning at the office, I paid some bills, restocked some items on the counters and some of the key hooks.  I waited on a few customers, but that was about it.
The neighborhood bully came and chased the Green Jay away.
Just as soon as I finished my lunch I went to Harlingen for an appointment with the thyroid doctor to get the lab results on the blood tests I had done last week and am still bruised from.  The doctor said the new medication she had given me was working and to leave the dosage as it is.  She had hoped it would give me more energy, but I can't tell much improvement.

After leaving that office, I went by another doctor's office to ask for a renewal on a prescription that I am about out of and I don't have an appointment with that doctor until spring.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in Harlingen doing a little shopping.  Mom and I are going to a masquerade party next month and I needed ideas.  I got a few little things and some ideas.  We will see what works out.

On my way home, 2 or 3 miles from our house, I was stopped at a red light and was rear ended.  It was a man in a pickup truck pulling a trailer and he was not paying attention.  When he saw he was going to hit me, he tried to swerve into the lane to our right, but someone was in that lane and honked at him.  He ended up hitting the back right corner of my sturdy Suburban.  Not too bad, but it will need to be repaired.  It is easier to repair the car than to repair me.  I will be sore tomorrow, but not at all bad considering it was a 50 mph zone.  I will take the car in tomorrow morning and see about getting it fixed.

 At home, Ron and I had a yummy supper together.  That has not happened much lately.  It was good to relax with him over a supper of ham, creamed corn, carrots, and grapes. 
Juvenile Golden-fronted Woodpecker male out for the morning 
The accident late this afternoon again was a reminder of the problems with my poor hearing.  After the other driver and I each checked our cars, we pulled into a near-by parking lot.  He was so apologetic and eager to take the blame.  He was driving a company vehicle for where he works.  He spoke no English at all.  He got the owner of the business on the phone and she was also very eager to take care of the problems.  But it was so hard for me to hear her on her employee's phone beside a VERY noisy busy street.  Ron will call her in the morning and work things out.

At a couple of the stores I went to this afternoon, I had trouble hearing.  One was a very crowded store with a lot of children begging their parents for things they wanted.  I just could not hear the clerk.  If I could have Ron with me all the time, it would help, but then I would have no money for shopping.

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  1. So the baby is a boy? Whoop! When is he due to make his arrival?