Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 27, 2016

We Got Some Rain!
September 27, 2016

Current Quilt project.
There have been scattered showers in the area for a few days, but today I think all of Brownsville got some rain.  I forgot to check the rain gauge before dark so I will have to check in the morning.  (Ron says it was an inch!) There is a problem though, the rain gauge is beneath some trees so I am not sure how true it will be.  It was nice to have not only the rain, but a thick cloud cover and lower temperatures.  Today was about 82 instead of 95.  That makes a wonderful difference.

Yesterday and today at the office were productive.  I didn't get there until about 1:00 yesterday, but got several things done and took care of the counter while Ron took my car to have a tire checked out.  They found 2 nails in it and patched them.  I took care of the counter sales while Ron was out,.

Today I paid some bills and did an assortment of bookkeeping.  I took a deposit to the bank.  I had put a note in the bag, asking for 8 rolls of quarters in return for four $20 bills.  When I checked the bag I only had 4 rolls of quarters.  I asked the man at the drive up about it.  I think he was new - a least I had never seen him.  He said OK and handed me four more.  I don't predict that he will be there long.

Our quilt group did not meet tonight.  The lady who picks up most of them to bring them, had an ear ache.  So she cancelled.  I also have developed an ear ache and had a note from our daughter-in-law in McAllen and she said the oldest child (who is away in college) also has an ear ache.  Strange.  Mine is the same ear that bothered me when I had the shingles.

I have been working on blocks for a new quilt.  I have now finished all 80 blocks and it is time to arrange them and start sewing the blocks together.  There are so many projects in my mind and in the storage areas of the sewing room - in progress projects. 

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  1. I like that pattern! Quit giving me ideas!! Brought a table runner to work on while at Karen's. Have it pieced and ready to pin baste. I'll quilt it on the machine. My eye is healing nicely. Still have some swelling and bruising but feel good....except for the yucky feeling from antibiotics. I go back the 12th to get stitches out, then it will be 4 weeks til I get measured for a prosthesis. May go back to DS if I don't have checkups in between.