Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016

Happy 13th Birthday to One
 of Our Granddaughters
October 2, 2016

The birthday girl
How did our granddaughter get to be 13 in such a hurry?  She is a lovely young lady, tall slim, helpful, a perfectionist, and kind.  She plays piano, takes ballet lessons, and loves to play on the basketball team that she joined last year.  She sews, plays with the pets, loves to add special touches to whatever her project is, and becomes the caregiver for her youngest sister when her mom is not home and I am there.  (She wants to do and and is so sweet to her little sister.)
The second oldest of the boys.  He is now the oldest 
of the children at home.  He broke his wrist 
recently and it will be in a cast a little longer.
Today after Sunday School, we drove to McAllen and had lunch with our son, his wife and six of their seven children.  The oldest child is away in college.  We had a nice visit while lunch finished cooking and then the adults sat down for lunch while the children continued to play.  About the time we finished, they came in to have their lunch.  We don't always do that, but often on Sundays they allow the children to use up some energy before they sit down for lunch. 
The baby of the family eating a bowl of fruit salad at lunch.

We all just had a relaxing time and tried to catch up on the visiting.  I will be going back up there Wednesday to stay while our son and his wife get away for a few days.  I predict we will all have a good time. 
This sweet boy (child #5 in the family) has 
become a great helper in the kitchen.
Yesterday I spent 5 hours shopping!  I have not done that since the Quilt show in Houston last year.  I found out I was out of condition for long shopping trips.  I guess this is a good year to skip the Quilt Festival.  I did birthday shopping, grocery shopping, and assorted other errands. 
Ron and our son visiting during the afternoon.
Friday was the end of the month and I got things ready for being able to print out statements on Monday morning.  I did a little cleaning but mostly bookkeeping chores.  It was a pretty good month at the office. 
Sunset on our way home
Thursday, I had gone to the doctor  with an ear ache.  It has been a long time since I had one, except for the one I had with the shingles a few weeks ago.  The was the same ear and it was swollen shut.  They gave me a prescription for some ear drops for an infection in the outer ear and would also work on the pain.  It is helping and I think I am about back to normal.

It has been busy the last few days, but I got several things accomplished.  That is always a good feeling.  I will try to get more regular in my postings, but not sure if I can post while I am at our son's home.

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