Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cochlear Implant is Implanted and I Am Home!
Tuesday June 11, 2013

There is so very much to share, that there is just no way to do it in one posting, and it has been a long day - well, a long 3 days!  The days were amazing as everything came together and I wanted to let everyone know I am home and doing very well.  I have lots of stories to tell and thanks to son Stephen and others, MANY photos to share.  I will warn the squeamish that at the end of this blog there will be a photo of the incision as it looks tonight.  If my husband could clean it and photograph it tonight, I think you can all take it, but I am issuing  the warning.

First off I must say that each step of the way was paved with the prayers and actions of my amazing family and friends.  Our son Stephen and his girlfriend arrived at the home of our friends in Houston shortly after we did, without telling me in advance that they would be coming from Dallas. 

Then our son David let us know he would drive over from San Antonio Monday morning arriving just before I went into surgery.  I know they said they were coming for me, but I also know it was for both of us and you can't imagine the load it took off  Ron to have them there!

We are so blessed.  Our son Jeff had been at the hospital with us here the previous week when I broke my elbow and Ron admitted he just let Jeff take over.  Most of us know surgery is in many ways harder on those waiting than on the patient.  I slept through it all;  they didn't.  These three helped make the day bearable for Ron.

How blessed we are! 

Our son Bob from Albuquerque, New Mexico would have been with us if possible, but he did the next best thing (which is a tremendous blessing), he sent his wife to help me for the next week.  We picked her up at the airport this morning in Houston and brought her home with us.  Vickey has already been helping in many ways, lightening Ron's load.

AsI must tell you that Ron is squeamish and when it came time to remove the dressing this morning, he decided to allow our sweet hostess, Linda Reed (who is not a doctor, but is the mother of one), to remove the dressing. As always, she stepped up and did what needed to be done, and did it well.  We have been thoroughly blessed by Linda and her husband John (who unexpectedly had to make an overseas business trip at this time).  Our friendship with them came through a friendship between our son Stephen and their son, Dr. Josh Reed, M.D. (doctor and friend extraordinaire).
So here I am leaving the hospital yesterday, with my family escort (and Kristina taking the photo).  Then a close-up of the dressing, followed by a photo of the incision after Ron cleaned and medicated it tonight.




  1. That's some neat surgical stitching behind your ear, Linda. Your quilt-maker friends may comment on technique, but I'm impressed.

    What a wonderful, supportive family you have. I'm glad your procedure and time in the hospital went well.

    Take care of yourself!

    1. Thank you, Pat. I am amazed at the stitching. I work on a flat surface, and not up against an ear. He did a great job in so many ways.

      I have been blessed with the four best sons anyone could ever hope for. It was a delight seeing the ones who could be there, laughing together when I was out of surgery.

      So many blessings!

  2. Thanks for relating the events! I have wanted to be there with you so bad! I'm furious that we "crossed in the night"! Isn't it amazing how our kids step up to help? Guess we did something right (with Gods help) in raising them! Still praying.

    1. So sorry it didn't work out to get together in Houston. Hope all your reports were good. Yes, your kids and mine have really blessed us. What a joy! This typing one-handed is a challenge.