Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cochlear Implant - Surgery Day Part II
Monday, June 10, 2013

After posting Part I of Cochlear Implant - Surgery Day, I realized I left out a very important thing that happened.  Just before I was wheeled into the surgery suite, the little PreOp room was filled with people.  Ron and David were there, three people from the anesthesia department were discussing my case and I think there was at least one other person and maybe more in the room.  None were talking to me and a thought crossed my mind.  It was a rather vague question - "Am I apprehensive or afraid?"  As quickly as it had come, I realized, "No.  I am completely at peace."  I know the peace I felt could only have come from God.  I knew I was in His Hands and I had no fear or second thoughts.  The prayers of my many family and friends helped me to have that total peace.  Thank you, to all who have been praying.

In the actual surgery, which took around 2 hours, a general anesthetic was given.  A small area of hair behind the ear is shaved, and the incision was made up against the back of my left ear.  A depressed area was created in the mastoid bone behind the ear and the implant was placed in this area.  An opening was made into the cochlea and an electrode was inserted into the cochlea.  The electrode and the implant were secured in place.  Then the electrode was tested before the incision was closed.  Now, we wait until all of this heals and then on July 2 & 3 I return to Houston to have the external audio processor activated and programed .  That is when I will begin to hear again.

Following surgery I was moved to PostOp Phase I where my vital signs were closely monitored and I began to wake up.  I was offered my choice of several sodas or juices (but no Dr. Pepper on the list) and I chose Sprite.  It didn't seem to be what I needed and I switched to Coke.  Before long, I was moved to PostOp Phase II where I was once again cared for by my favorite nurse,, Rolandalin.  All my loved ones were allowed to join me in my curtained cubicle.  Stephen left to find me a Dr. Pepper and a cup of ice.  (Thank you, Stephen!)

During the time in PostOp Phase II, I got dressed, walked a little, had the IV connection removed, and generally continued to "wake up", and prepare to go home.  There was a little delay while some medication order was clarified, but we were all glad to have the time together before David headed back to San Antonio.  It was such a joy to be surrounded by so many who cared about me.  It made the time go by quickly - almost too quickly!

When all the paperwork was in order, I was placed in a wheelchair and taken back to the valet parking area where our morning at the hospital had started.  It was around 4:00 and David headed out to be ahead of Rush Hour traffic.  The rest of us returned to the Reed's home.

Once back at the Reed's, Stephen and Kristina went in search of a cupcake shop and Linda Reed put a delicious homemade chicken pot pie in the oven for our supper.  We enjoyed a relaxing dinner topped off with the cupcakes before Stephen and Kristina loaded up for a late trip back to Dallas. 

What an amazing day it had been!  I had been showered in love, bathed in prayer and cared for by a top-notch medical team in one of the world's leading medical centers, all the while, held in the hand of my loving Heavenly Father.  How could I have not rested well that night?  I slept very peacefully.


  1. A cochlear implant is a like a divine gift for the people who are hard of hearing.

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    1. Yes, it is a divine gift. I am so blessed to be able to have the surgery and I am hearing so well. Glad you dropped by the blog and hope to hear from you again.