Sunday, June 30, 2013

Worship Wrapped Up the Month of June
Sunday,  June 30, 2013

On Saturday evening, June 1, 2013, I fell and broke my left elbow.  That basically knocked me out of attending church almost all month.  Well, there were other factors like the Cochlear Implant Surgery, but the pain medications for the elbow often left me very sleepy and the arm was too tender to risk crowds and hugs.  So the first Sunday in June I was in the hospital, the second one I was in Houston, the third one I was not very alert, and the next one I was not comfortable being in crowds.  Thankfully this June had five Sundays so I had one more chance to attend.

It has been years since I have missed so many Sundays worship services in a row.  Other than following the births of our four sons and one very long vacation, I can't recall a time when I had been out so many weeks in succession.  Even when I broke my foot and ankle about 11 or 12 years ago, I was able to return quickly.  One reason was that I had a cast and boot to protect the leg.  Now with the splint/cast off my arm, there is no protection except a sling.  The only protection the sling gives is that it is a warning to folks that I have something wrong with my arm.

Don't misunderstand and think that I feel God is checking roll.  There are times I have seen people come to church when I felt they should be at home in bed and not sharing their germs with the congregation.  That being said, there is a reason that the Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:25: "...not forsaking our own assembling together...but encouraging one another..."  Even though I could not hear one word from of the Sunday school lesson, or the worship service, I needed the encouragement from my Christian family at church.  So many people at church today told me they are praying for me and are eager for me to be able to hear again.  It was good to be back today.

There were other bonuses this morning at church; a life long friend who had visited our church the last time I was there, was there again today and sat with me.  It was good to see her and hear that she has been keeping up with me on this blog.  A good friend from our Sunday school class took us out to eat after church.  One-on-one conversations are about all I can handle these days, so it was good to catch up on what is happening in her life, and good to hear that her daughter will be visiting for a while next month.  Her daughter has been so faithful to send me frequent encouraging cards during this rough time.  This Mother-Daughter duo know how to "encourage one another" as stated in that verse from Hebrews.

After our lunch, I must have been more exhausted than I realized, because I ended up sleeping the afternoon away.  I awoke to find a note from my husband saying that he was at a meeting at the church and would also be buying a new battery for my car.  I didn't mention, that when we got in my car to go to church, the battery was dead.  (Better here than in Houston in the next few days!)  Since I am not driving, my car has set unused for a while.

Now, I need to start thinking about packing to leave tomorrow for our trip to Houston and hearing!! 

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