Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Wonderful Welcome Home From Family
Wednesday June 12, 2013

Did I really just have my second major surgery in just over a week, two days ago?  I am feeling great!  Pain in minimal, and most of that is related to the elbow injury.  I don't remember if I mentioned that when the Orthopedic Surgeon told me what all my elbow surgery would involve, I said, " That sounds pretty major."  He said, "This is major surgery."  I was so focused on the Cochlear Implant Surgery, that I guess I had not fully grasped the extent of surgery to repair my elbow.  But all in all, today on a scale of 1 - 10 of the pain (10 being worst) I would give the elbow a "1" and the ear a "0.5" because it is so minor.  Much of the discomfort with the elbow is just the awkwardness of the whole mess, (splint, sling, etc.) leaving the shoulder sore.

This morning I was up early.  After breakfast, Vickey cleaned the incision and then washed my hair!  It was allowed by the doctor.  Then she medicated the incision.  A little after 9:00 our daughter-in-law Barbara arrived with the 5 youngest children while the oldest two were at art class.

The grandchildren wanted to see how Grandma was doing, but they also needed to be sure she still had a good supply of toys and snacks.  Art activities are always in progress with this bunch, even while eating Oreos.
While they were here, our oldest granddaughter got all my hanging plants watered, filled the ponds and bird baths, and she and her sister filled the bird feeders.
They stayed for a long visit and after they headed out to pick up the big boys, I was ready for a nap. It had been a long, but fun morning and a very important time of reassuring these young ones that Grandma is OK.
Following my nap, my mom showed up with a delicious meal for us to enjoy together.  Vickey and I were so glad to have a relaxing visit with Mom over lunch.  Like the grandchildren, Mom needed to be sure I was really doing as well as advertised. 

Four of the grandchildren are taking swimming lessons close to our house each afternoon so we told Barbara she could leave the baby with us while they go.  Many of you have expressed concerns about me doing the yard work, so I asked our oldest grandson to come this afternoon while the others were at swimming and mow the backyard for me.  He did a superb job with a sweet attitude.  He is like me in his enjoyment of working in the yard.  I think it is not the favorite chore for either of us, but it ranks way above many others. 

He and his baby sister are very fond of each other and when she tired from playing she went to her diaper bag, got her blanket and chose her brother's lap for snuggling.  We are so blessed!

The rest of the day involved another nap, a supper of leftovers, and a relaxing evening helping Vickey start a quilt project.  The incision is to be cleaned and medicated 3 times a day and Ron is gladly turning that responsibility over to Vickey.

So much that has happened over these last months shows God's perfect timing.  Why did I break my elbow?  I tripped on the cord of the Weed Eater.  Is God using that in my life?  Yes.  I know that the obvious splint and sling are helping me and others protect that side of my body.  The ear surgery is not as obvious and even I would probably turn over onto the side with the ear surgery (since there is so little discomfort) if it were not for the arm issue.  Did God break my elbow?  I don't think so, but He is using it each day to remind me to slow down and heal.  In God's timing, Vickey is here this week and not in Albuquerque where the smoke is bad from fires in that area.  She suffers from asthma and is better off here this week.  I could go on for pages listing things that show us God's Hand in the midst of hard times.  I know that God is with me each step of the way.

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