Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 1 - 6, 2016

A Busy Start to September 
September 1 - 6, 2016

Our son David
September has started off in a blur.  I worked hard at the office on the first and second of September, getting the bookkeeping in order and preparing the statements to mail to our charge customers.  I had the statements ready to mail on the afternoon of Sept. 1, but just missed the mailman.  Since I was running early I decided just to leave them for him to pick up on Sept. 2.  The only problem was that he did not come on the second.  Our mail service leaves a lot to be desired. 

My end of the week was very busy with customers as well as bookkeeping, since Ron was out on some jobs during those days.  I took the statements and mailed them at the post office Friday afternoon after I picked Mom up for supper.  It felt good to go into the holiday weekend with that chore finished.  I have all the reports ready to send to the accountant as soon as I get the bank statement. 
Sparrows at the birdbath
Thursday afternoon we met our friends for supper at Texas Roadhouse, and had a good visit.  Using the wireless mini-mic helped and supper was tasty and relaxing.  Friday night with Mom at Pepe's was good.  Again it was a relaxing evening with good food. 

After supper Mom and I went to the grocery store to do some shopping.  I decided to buy a brisket to fix over the weekend since we would have Monday off as well as Saturday and Sunday.  It was a prompting from God I believe that told me to buy the brisket.  It was large, but they didn't have any small ones. 

Saturday morning, Ron was gone and I woke at 7:30.  Why can't I ever do that on a work day!?  I had breakfast and filled the bird feeders and bird baths.  There had been a little rain the end of the week but not enough to water the yard well.  Ron set the sprinklers some Saturday.
Young Starling
When I finished in the yard I went back to sleep and slept until 2:30.  Ron woke me at that time to tell me our son David, who lives in San Antonio, was coming for the weekend and would be here in time for supper.  David's wife had an obligation with some students and so he came alone, wanting to see us and to visit with both of his grandmothers.  I got up and put the brisket in the oven and we had some when Dave arrived late that evening.

We arranged to go to Ron's mom's house for lunch Sunday (Ron picked up lunch).  Then David picked up my mom mid afternoon and brought her to our house for a visit and supper.  We were delighted to have him here for the weekend and the grandmas were both so glad to see him. 
sparrows at the feeder
Sunday afternoon I baked chocolate chip cookies.  Most of them went home with David on Monday so he could take them to their niece who loves my chocolate chip cookies.  We enjoyed some of them during Sunday afternoon.  It was so good to have a visit with David and to cheer the Aggies on to victory in their football game by way of the television.

Monday morning I again slept late (almost noon) and Ron and Dave woke me with a bag of Shipley donuts.  They were ready to go to lunch, but I ate my breakfast and then we went to lunch and I just had a soda while they ate.  After lunch Dave packed up and headed home.  We are so glad he was able to be here.  It would have been nice to have his wife and niece and nephew, but maybe next time.
Sorry for poor quality photo
I forgot to mention that at church Sunday morning the pastor preached on the scripture about men should love their wives as Christ loved the church and the wives should submit to their husbands.  Then we had a wedding!  A young man from the church married his lovely fiance.  There were bridesmaids and groomsmen.  It was a lovely, well attended wedding that most of us did not know about in advance.  It was followed by a lunch reception, but we had already made plans to be with Ron's mom.

Back to Monday, Ron took out most of the zinnia flower bed and I had taken out one on mine on Saturday morning while I was in the yard.  We hope to replant his flowerbed soon for a fall garden.

I slept away Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning when I woke up, I was not feeling well and Ron said he was planning to be in the office all day so I could just stay home.  I accepted his kind offer!  I did some house keeping, some reading, and cleaned my computer desk.  It is a real treat to sit here at a much cleaner desk as I write this blog entry. 
 Young sparrow at birdbath
I enjoyed watching the birds today (Tuesday).  By the dates on some old photos, the birds should be migrating.  I have seen a few, but not many migrating ones.  There are hundreds of the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in town.  There are large bunches of them all over our end of town.  Some are always here, but numbers have really multiplied the last week or two.

Speaking of migrating, our son had called on his way to Brownsville Saturday and said he was not sure how long it would take to get here, because it would depend on how often he had to stop to clean the butterflies off his windshield.  When he arrived, the windshield had been well cleaned, but the front of the car (his new car) was plastered with butterflies.  It will be a major cleaning job at home.  There was no point in doing it here before he left.
Dave's car coated in bugs and butterflies
We have had scattered showers the last few days, but they are small and quick.  We need a good soaking rain, but no flooding, please.  Ron has been watering the yard, so it needs mowing and is so pretty and green. 

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