Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3, 2017

Out With 2016 and
In With 2017!
January 3, 2017

Black-crowned Night Heron

Are you remembering to write 2017 on your checks, etc.?  So far I think that I am, but I am sure in a day or two when I am not focused on it, I will make a mess of the date.  2016 was a good year for us.  We had the normal ups and downs and aches and pains that come with being over 70 and above.  There are no real complaints about 2016 except that it went by too rapidly.

There are exciting things to look forward to in 2017.    We have a new grandson due soon.  He is being eagerly awaited by all of the family.  It is time for a new baby in the immediate family.  The youngest grandchild is now 5 years old and so grown up.
Our 5-year old granddaughter in the pink

There are several trips coming up in the next few months, but all will be short, quick trips.  We want to see that new grandson as often and for as long as possible in the coming months.  We need to work on taking classes to keep our state license current for our locksmith business.  We will probably take those in either Dallas or Houston in late February or early March.  In April, my mom, our daughter-in-law Barbara and I are going to North Carolina for a long weekend for my niece's wedding.

For now, trips need to be short so Ron can continue to meet him mom's needs.  She is doing well, but needs daily attention and her care giver is only there a few hours a day.  She continues to amaze us with her ability to bounce back from assorted health challenges and even a few falls.  Somehow she manages to go down very slowly without hurting herself; she just needs help to get up.  We are so pleased that she continues to be able to enjoy some of her handwork crafts and her reading.

My mom is doing well and spent Christmas with my brother and his family.  There were several in his family who were sick during the holidays and Mom had some troubles, too, but seems to be doing well now. There are so many "bugs" being passed around, it is a challenge to go anywhere and come home healthy. 
Black-crowned Night Heron in our backyard
Monday we opened the office at noon and when I got home that afternoon, I decided to take a walk in the backyard.  I was delighted with the reward of seeing a Black-crowned Night Heron in the big tree out over the water.  I love the look of this beautiful bird.  This afternoon I went out again and there he was in the same spot in the tree.  He keeps an eye on me but does not try to fly away.  I hope he stays around for a while.

Ron has not been feeling well for a while so we spent the weekend at home and rested.  I commented today on his recent haircut and he informed me he got it last Friday.  I reminded him his head had been buried under the covers since last Friday!  He is feeling better, but still resting a lot.  Not sure what it is - no fever, no cough, no sore throat.  Just doesn't have an energy.
The bride wore tennis shoes
Saturday afternoon I did attend a wedding at our church while Ron stayed home and slept.  The bride was lovely and I loved her dress.  It looked so soft and draped so beautifully.  But you might notice the shoes in this photo.  In case you can't tell, she is in tennis shoes.  She is one of the happiest brides I have seen other than our daughter-in-law Kristina.  Kristina could not keep from smiling all day.
The lovely wedding cake 
(hard to see but real red roses are down the left side of the cake)
Over the last few days I have continued to sort fabric and am so eager to sew!  I got all the decorations off the Christmas tree in the sewing room and boxed them away, the the tree is only half down currently.  Maybe I should finish that tonight.  There is still the big tree in the living room to be done.

New Year's Resolutions are not something I do.  I do think it is a good time to look at my life and my activities and see if there are changes that need to be made, but I don't need the guilt of failing.  God forgives me and He is the one who matters.  I know there are areas where I need to improve and I hope at the end of this year I am not still dealing with the same issues.

Most Christmas cards are still not all mailed.  Only a few have gone out, but I will keep working on them.  I did make great progress yesterday and today on the end of the month/end of the year bookkeeping at the office.  I was so pleased to get the statements to our customers in yesterday's mail and then remembered it was a postal holiday.  My intentions are usually good.

Over the last two weeks of holiday celebrations, I put my Cochlear mini mic into frequent use and Ron has encouraged me to order the newer model with added features.  I hope to do that this week.  I need to order additional supplies for the units.

May your new year be filled with love and happy experiences.  Check back in when you have time and see what is going on in my corner of the world.

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