Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017

Walking Down Memory Lane
While Going Through the Cedar Chest
January 28, 2017

An afghan made for our youngest son many years ago

It must be a sign of old age when I constantly am commenting on how fast time is going; but when I mention it to customers of any age, they agree with me.  In some areas of my life, I have accomplished a lot this month and in other areas, I haven't.  Those Christmas cards are still a work in progress, but it is coming to an end soon.  Some sewing projects are showing my hours at the sewing machine.  Others still wait for me to notice them.  The Christmas tree is still up, but 500 ornaments have been removed.  Hopefully I will finish that this weekend.
Sewing projects
We have a grandson due very soon.  It is about a month until he is due, but the doctor predicts his arrival to be soon.  We are eager to meet him although we already love him and think about him many times a day.  I have been working on making some receiving blankets, hemming them with decorative machine stitching.  Most are lightweight for Texas weather.  Locally, they would work for this Texas winter.  It has been a warm winter in Brownsville.  Sunday afternoon I went through the cedar chest and found several baby gowns and sleepers, etc. worn by his daddy as an infant and have washed those to pass on to this next generation.  Precious memories.  Where I can, I am sending photos of our son in the outfits.
Our son in McAllen with his family and my mom
Our grandchildren up the valley from us have had a great time enjoying our beautiful days.  Some of those days have been exceptionally windy, but on the good days they have spent hours and hours enjoying their new swing set/monkey bars/slide combo.  They have a slide, trapeze, swing, fort, playhouse area, etc. to insure that they are getting lots of exercise.  The oldest of those children returned to college last week, eager to have a great semester ahead.  It was good to get to see him a few times while he was home.
Our grandson heading back to Florida for college
One day I drove to McAllen and took the two oldest girls with me to a concert of the Texas A&M Singing Cadets.  The girls and I had a good time, but it is one of the times where the Cochlear Implant is not fully up to the task of an outstanding musical performance.  Having had a son in the group, and having continued to attend their concerts when I could, I know much of their music well so that helped, but still it was hard.  The girls enjoyed it and I was able to have a quick visit with the conductor following the concert. 
Mr. Kipp - director of the A&M Singing Cadets
After the concert I spent the night there before coming home the next morning.  I was too late for me to enjoy a drive home after the concert.  This past weekend we went back up there Friday night for supper before our grandson returned to college.  Part way home we wished we had stayed for the night.  The fog got very thick and it was a difficult drive.  Thankfully, Ron was doing the driving.
Sunday lunch at Pirates' Landing in Port Isabel
My sister from the Dallas area was here for a few days during the last week.  We enjoyed driving to Port Isabel with Mom Sunday afternoon for lunch at Pirates' Landing.  It was one of those very windy days and the bay was rough, but I always enjoy seeing the water and how it changes depending on the weather.  We drove over to South Padre Island after lunch for a very brief shopping trip.
Mom and my sister at lunch

Early this month a friend and her husband came to the area for a visit and took time out one afternoon to come by our office for a visit.  It is always a treat to have time with friends where ever we can get together.  Just about everyone of the activities I have mentioned would have been hard, if not impossible without my Cochlear implant.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't appreciate what it does for me, helping to keep my life as normal as possible.

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