Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016

Who Is the Person on Facebook
That Is doing a Countdown to 
Christmas 2017?
December 28, 2016

Ron needed a nap

Can you believe that some crazy, creative person is doing a countdown to Christmas 2017 on Facebook?  They are doing the number of days, hours, and minutes until the next Christmas!  Yikes!  I have only mailed about a dozen of my cards for this Christmas.  The wrapping paper and supplies are put away, but the trees are still up and the little village is still deep in artificial snow.  I am NOT ready to think about the next Christmas yet - well, except to think that the current plans are that all the family will be together next year.  
Our Christmas this year was rather quiet, but so nice.  I spent Saturday in the kitchen baking cookies for dessert on Christmas day and making fruit salad.  On Christmas Eve, Ron and I took supper to his mother and ate with her.  She doesn't like to leave her house and didn't want to go with us to McAllen on Christmas Day, but we had a good time visiting with her that evening.  Jeff's family had just left from surprising her with a visit and she was so delighted to have seen all of them.  

My mother had gone to Corpus Christi for Christmas.  My brother came to pick her up and then brought her home yesterday.  She was glad to be with him and his family, but several were sick and she wasn't feeling great, so it was hard on everyone - plans kept changing.

On Christmas Day we went to our son's home in McAllen for Christmas Dinner.  We arrived to the beautiful smells of a turkey cooking and the laughter of children.  I told my daughter-in-law that it smelled great in the kitchen and she said when they got home from church there was no smell of turkey roasting.  The power had gone off and the turkey was now behind schedule.  She had nutritious snacks set out and everyone nibbled for a while. 

Then we decided to open gifts (which is usually done after lunch) and enjoyed watching the children open the things we had taken for them.  They all were pleased with the items thanks to helpful suggestions from their mom.  It was getting close to 4:00 before we sat down to lunch, but it was worth the wait.  The turkey was perfect and everything else was yummy.

The late afternoon was spent relaxing and watching the children playing inside and outside in the nice South Texas weather.  It was a good visit and we hated to head home, but it was necessary.  We opened the office Monday about noon and it was a slow day.  

Tuesday, I spent much of my day with medical stuff.  I had an appointment scheduled with the Nurse Practitioner and had a list of things to talk to her about.  One complaint was shortness of breath.  One of the newer medications listed that as a side effect, but after a couple of tests and a chest x-ray she said my childhood asthma had returned and gave me a couple of new medications.  Oh, yippie.  (Not)

Then there were a couple of back and hip x-rays ordered to try to find out if there was something that could help the pain I have been having.  I guess it will be a while until I get those results.  I stayed home after that and slept the rest of the day away.

Today it was catch up day at the office working my way through a stack of paperwork.  I found some errors - mine and the bank's.  They aren't supposed to make them and especially when they are just enough to be irritating and not really important.  Just took a while to find the 40 cents!

When we went to Houston earlier this month to have my Cochlear sound processor reprogrammed, (they do it once a year), it seemed OK but the audiologist suggested we try it out a bit before heading home.  I should have found a small room to try it out.  In large areas it is fine, but in small areas I seem to get almost an echo.  We will probably be going to Houston in a couple of months for work related classes, and I hope I can work in an adjustment at that time.

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